The Largest Drive-In Screens Available Anywhere Nationwide

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment® —  Drive-In Theater is exploding, and Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment (UOE) is proud to be at the forefront, leading this revival. 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic have posed a challenge to businesses, schools, communities, and families to gather safely for events of any kind. Traditional Drive-In Movie theaters have dwindled over the last 30 years as more indoor theaters have been built. This year however, the demand for The Drive-In has come back in a BIG way! Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment quickly saw the need to increase their large screen inventory and the associated technology to handle the influx of customers, and that is exactly what they did.

“We’ve seen a steady increase over the years for mobile Drive-In Movie Events, and we fortunately had already started the process to acquire the first double-sided 52′ x 26′ screen in the U.S. just as the country was beginning the initial lock down to slow the pandemic. Since this spring, we’ve increased our drive-in rental screen inventory to include this massive double-sided movie screen along with 4 other screens of its size. UOE is now also proud to announce the single largest inventory of 40′ x 22′ drive-in rental screens to help meet the growing demand for pop-up drive-in movie events around the country.  We are now the single largest provider of mobile Drive-In Movie Screens in the country, and we are getting more requests every day.” Darrell Landers, Founder and Chief Technology Director

In addition to adding 10 more Mobile Drive-In Screens to its inventory, UOE has invested heavily over the summer of 2020 to pair the best technology available with these new screens.  Each screen travels with a high definition laser projector ranging in power from 12,000 – 30,000 lumens, precision FM transmitter to handle audio broadcasts to every car, and the capability to link to our all-new Mobile Audio Drive-In App to any audio system.

“At Ultimate, we’re not just bringing back the drive-in, we’re building and improving the entire pop-up drive-in theater experience!  We are thrilled to release our all-new Mobile Audio Drive-In App option for all of our outdoor movie events rentals and Drive-In screen rentals.  This new technology allows anyone in the audience to listen to the movie through an app on their phones!  While FM Transmitters are not going away, this application creates new and unique possibilities for our customers and partners. Our clients have the opportunity to engage their viewers visually like never before, with customized branding in the app, specific to their to their event, as well as custom in-app messaging for things such as food menus for restaurants or food trucks nearby, announcements for upcoming events, and more! Even some alternative language options will be available thru the application!” Kat Randolph, Director of Marketing

Companies looking for employee engagement, schools offering activities to students and their families, non-profits in fundraising efforts, and communities looking for ways to bring people together safely, are all finding Mobile Drive-In Theater as an ideal solution for social distancing events, and UOE is filling these needs with new technology solutions for an age-old event…The Drive-In! 

Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment (UOE) is the entertainment company taking outdoor events to the next level. UOE started in 2008 as a small business operating out of a garage in Austin, TX. Today, still a family-owned business, UOE operates in more than 20 major cities across 12 states, offering outdoor movies, mobile drive-in events, & LED screen rentals at    

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