The Jonestown Guyana Tragedy, 44 Years Later: Facing the Giant of Childhood Trauma

COSTA MESA, Calif., Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “On November 18, 1978, cult leader Jim Jones massacred 918 people in Jonestown, Guyana, leaving behind a disturbing scene of bloated bodies and mounds of decaying corpses, rotting in the unrelenting tropical heat of the jungle sun.

Hundreds of innocent children littered the compound, their tiny bodies poisoned and destroyed by the absolute evil of Jim Jones. One of those children could have been me. In total, twenty-seven of my family members were slaughtered at Jonestown. According to my late great-grandmother, who stayed in America, seventeen of these family members were children.

For years, while I told my story in news interviews and memorial services, I withheld it from my healthcare and motivational speaking circuits because of the shame connected to the story. Many peers in my industry did not know about my family history until they read my first book.

People will try to shame you for your story. But we don’t have to live by the narrative people have written in our history. We don’t have to drink at the same well as our ancestors or past decisions. We can break cycles. We can crush the giant of childhood trauma in our generation and lifetime. We can tell the stories that have shamed us. Shamed our family, lives, and careers. No matter what is in our family history, we can leave a legacy, write new chapters, and build stories—not silos—out of the ashes of fatal decisions.” (Ed Norwood)

In award-winning author Ed Norwood’s newest book, “Be A Giant Killer: Overcoming Your Everyday Goliaths,” Norwood emphasizes the importance of mental health and how crucial it is to begin the healing process to overcome trauma and bad family history. During World Mental Health Month in October, Ed had the opportunity to sit down with Margo Jacquot of The Juniper Center and discussed how people often carry the feelings of childhood trauma, shame, abandonment, and anger throughout their adulthood, but should never let it define who they are.

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Be A Giant Killer:  Overcoming Your Everyday Goliaths, is a book about how to overcome trauma, shame, and giants that impede your wildest dreams. In October of 2022, Ed added two more awards for his new book (PenCraft Book Awards in Non-Fiction – Christian – Biblical Counseling: and BookFest Book Awards in  Nonfiction Spirituality – Meditation & Prayer: bringing the total to a humbling fifteen (15) awards.

Be A Giant Killer is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other online bookstores. Read the five-star reviews on Amazon below:

About Ed Norwood

Ed Norwood is President of ERN/The National Council of Reimbursement Advocacy and AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR of “Be A Giant Killer, Overcoming Your Everyday Goliaths.” He has been recognized as a unique and distinctive authority in transitional leadership and administrative laws that govern the healthcare delivery process. Ed has done hundreds of media interviews and lectures worldwide, focusing on public policy, healthcare advocacy, leadership development, and the lessons of the Jonestown Tragedy. Multi-faceted, with a creative ability to inspire his audience, Ed combines his business influence and expertise with his passion for ministry to help people flow in their dreams, destiny, and authority in life.

Ed is available for TV/radio interviews, podcasts, lectures, and speaking engagements for your next event.

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