The First Official Acrostic Song of the Century

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 25 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In 2020, Kansas City has found its next legend in O++O, the creator of the century’s first official acrostic song. Specifically created for people with a love for unique flows, rhythms, and literary devices, providing an exhilarating listening experience. I first honed in on a theme then started layering bars to fit within the frame I created,” O++O stated.

Songs which weave together complex compounding layers of meaning like this are few and far between. Acrostics have so far only been seen in poetry, but the creative genius of O++O has introduced this technique to the hip hop culture for the first time.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom. And with all thy getting get understanding. Realize O++is neither name nor title but a choice. Numerous journeys begin with opportunities. It is entirely within your discretion to seize them or not. Now, there are many paths in life, but only one leads to truth. Given there is only one “True” path; choose wisely.”

This is the quote O++O gave when asked about the inspiration behind his song. Of all the literary devices, acrostics have long been considered one of the best ways to showcase one’s astute understanding of any desired topic. Ambigrams are another great technique an artist can use to stand out from their peers.  Like any good ambigram if you flip the cover art for “Will” upside down you will see that the title of the song remains unchanged. 

Literally, every element of this song is crafted for listeners to experience the true meaning of its powerful words. Lyrics such as “Barely getting started” insinuate more is on the way, including a 6 track EP of completely acrostic content that will definitely set the tone for the future. You will be amazed at how well written “Will” is, not only as an acrostic song but a parallel narrative as well,” O++O stated.

Realizing the lasting effects of such a song for the future of not only hip hop but music altogether has experts excited. I know this template will not be easy for fellow artists to follow, but I believe like anything else there is always room for progress,” O++O stated proudly.

Considering this is only the first installment of the pending project one cannot help but inquire, what’s next? In fact, this may very well be the start of a new wave of creative writing for all genres. Stay tuned for what’s sure to be an exciting journey with another one of Hip Hop’s new pioneers. The experts are calling O++O one of the most versatile, if not the most creative lyricist of 2020 that everyone should watch for. Subscribe to his website or follow his social links below for concerts, live streams, merchandise, and exclusive content updates. 


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