The Difference Between Ghosts and Your Dead Loved One, Psychic Nancy Mello Explains

MYSTIC, Conn., Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nancy Mello, a Psychic, Medium, and Clairvoyant is gearing up for a ghostly month ahead with clients of the non-living variety. "For centuries in cultures around the world, Fall and Halloween is the season where the veil starts to thin between this world and the next," Mello explains from her home in Mystic, CT. "Because of the rituals that go along with Autumn, even an everyday person can start to notice Spirit activity."

It can be terrifying to some, but just because your lights blink or Alexa randomly plays a song doesn’t mean someone is haunting you. According to Mello, who has been a Medium since she was a little girl. "When your loved ones want to send you a sign that they are around, you might get a whiff of the perfume they used to wear," Mello explains. The sensation is known as Clairolfactance or Clairalience and is the psychic sense of smell. "One time, I was sitting in my car, and all of a sudden, I smelled cigar smoke so strong it felt like someone was right next to me. My first thought when I smelled the cigar was my grandfather, who passed twenty years ago. I acknowledged him and thanked him for visiting." Another sign you might get from a passed loved one is a penny or a feather on the ground. Mello reports clients telling her stories of photos of their dead parents falling off shelves. "Whatever it is, it won’t scare you to the point of running away. It’ll be the type of thing where you go, ‘hmm. That’s weird.’"

Mello also works with hauntings and Ghost activity, which is different. "Ghosts are people that either do not realize they are dead or are frustrated that they are. They want you to notice them, and they generally accomplish this by scare tactics. You might see a shadow in your window or crossing the hallway, or you might feel a chill when there is no cool air around you. Ghosts like to use sounds- footprints and animals to their advantage. Cats will hiss at thin air, and dogs may all of a sudden cower behind you." What’s the best way to handle ghosts or paranormal activity? The answer is more straightforward than one may think. "Ignore them," Mello advises. "Because they thrive off of attention, the less you notice them (out loud, at least), the less they will try to continue their antics."

Whether ghosts or just your dead grandparents saying, "Hi," use this time to connect with those that have passed over, Mello advises. "The reason why it can be so scary is we can’t explain why or how something happens. There is a level of faith involved in understanding that life continues after we die." If you want to connect with your passed loved one, you can reach Nancy at

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