The Butter Board Trend Gets an Upgrade With Better Butter

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Better Butter, a company known for their deliciously crafted butters, takes the butter board trend to new heights with the release of their Better Butter Board ebook. In this book, the company offers a selection of ten butter board recipes that utilize unique Better Butter craft butters like their Cinnamon Brown Sugar Craft Butter and Garlic Herb Craft Butter.

What Is a Butter Board?

A butter board is a simple, yet delicious, dish that is served as an appetizer. It involves spreading softened butter on a board and then adding toppings to the butter to create an hors d’oeuvre that is ideal for entertaining. Guests dip bread, crackers, veggies, and other items into the butter for a quick, delicious bite. Butter boards can be made with savory components, as well as sweet, and toppings can range from olives and cheese to nuts, dried fruits, and even brownies.

The Better Butter Board Ebook

Better Butter quickly realized their craft butters were a natural complement to this growing trend. That’s why the company has put together a free butter board ebook with recipes ranging from a Spicy Thai Shrimp Butter Board to a Chocolate Brownie Butter Board, and even a Thanksgiving Pumpkin Butter Board — great for the coming holiday season.

In the Better Butter Board ebook, you’ll find a selection of butter board recipes that cannot be found anywhere else. These recipes utilize craft butters that are imparted with fresh herbs, spices, and other natural ingredients, allowing for unique recipes and ingredient combinations.

The Cinnamon Pecan Butter Board from the Better Butter Board ebook features Better Butter’s Cinnamon Brown Sugar Craft Butter and is topped with items including clementines, candied pecans, and maple syrup. According to the company, “this sweet butter board is designed to bring the aromatics and warmth of cinnamon and brown sugar together with nostalgic holiday flavors, creating a butter board that can be served alongside a meal or simply with drinks among friends.”

While you’ll find several other sweet butter board options in this ebook, you’ll also find unique savory butter board recipes as well, such as the Mushroom-Lovers Butter Board and Steakhouse Chicken Butter Board.

The Better Butter Board ebook features ingredients, instructions, and detailed images of their newest butter board creations, and is being offered completely free of charge. You can visit their site to download it. As for the Better Butter craft butters that you’ll need to recreate these recipes, you can find several options at Walmart in the dairy section. If you’re looking for a particular Better Butter product, simply utilize the “Find Craft Butter” tool on their website to pull up a list of stores in your area that carry Better Butter craft butters.

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Better Butter creates unique craft butters utilizing 100 percent real, oil-free butter, fresh herbs, spices, and other natural ingredients. The savory craft butters are designed to be gluten-free, kosher, and keto-friendly, making the butter ideal for a number of different diets and the sweet craft butters are made with real honey. Better Butter Craft Butter strives to help take your meals and memories from “oh” to “whoa!”

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