‘The Apprentice’ TV Show Alum, Stacie J., Launches New Reality Series About Her Ballerina Daughters

NEW YORK, Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine the TV show Fame with 9 and 13-year-old ballerina sisters, Rylie and Codie, trying to be the next Misty Copeland. Spice it up with no-nonsense, master instructor, and founder of the Uptown Dance Academy, Robin Williams, and finally add into the mix the girls’ mom, Stacie J., former model, entrepreneur, and The Apprentice TV show alum. Now you have Rylie and Codie’s World, a new YouTube reality series about the life of two young sisters growing up in New York, pursuing their dance dreams. 

A pandemic original, Rylie and Codie’s World documents what it’s like growing up in a TikTok age New York, whilst dancing five to six days a week. It’s a show that Stacie, who stars in the series and is also the Executive Producer, hopes will inspire young girls. "This series is about family, entrepreneurship, working on your craft from a very young age, and, of course, New York life. But you’ll definitely see some drama because in life things don’t always go as planned." Her daughter Rylie explains that people will now get to see some of the things that happen in their lives that they don’t always get a chance to share with friends. Dance instructor Robin hopes the series will show young girls that discipline and hard work is important when pursuing a career in dance but developing yourself from an early age will also go a long way in making your dream a reality.

Rylie and Codie’s World was written and co-produced by Erickka Sy Savané, writer on the BET+ original series, A LUV Tale. When asked what she hopes young girls will get from the show, she says, "I hope they’re entertained. But mostly, I’d like them to see how hard these girls train. Social media is fine, but you have to work on your craft. I hope they make work cool. I also want kids to see this vibrant Harlem community."

The first episode of Rylie and Codie’s World premiered on YouTube Saturday, 1/8/22. Check out the rest of the series on the link below. 

Ryle and Codie’s World Episode 1

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