The Adventures of Dr. Robin SuperShero Teaches Kids How to Navigate the World They Live In

ST. LOUIS, Oct. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Adventures of Dr. Robin SuperShero (TM) is an animated educational Children’s Series available on YouTube that teaches lessons on Character, Diversity, Self-Esteem, and Mental Health/Emotional Wellness.

Dr. Robin SuperShero, an African-American shero that can fly and teleport…comes to the rescue of hurting children (and their families). She’s a different kind of “shero”. She fights discrimination, abuse, self-harm, depression, low-self-image, family dysfunction and other barriers to emotional wellness. When children and teens cry out, she hears them! Dr. Robin SuperShero believes that EVERY child is special, in many unique ways! A big part of her mission is to help children discover their “OWN” Super Powers on their journey of Awakenings! She knows that ALL children have their own way of shinning in their individual gifts and talents, and when they realize it, they are empowered to keep growing!

The Adventures of Dr. Robin SuperShero is the creative work of Dr. Robin Moore-Chambers, MSW, PhD, LPC, a Trauma Psychotherapist/Counselor of Awakenings Counseling Services and her daughter Jan M. Osler, MSW; both natives of St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Robin is the creator, producer, co-director and uses her original cartoon characters in the series that is in its second season. Jan is the official voice of Dr. Robin SuperShero, editor and co-writer/co-director. This unique project is a family affair as Dr. Robin’s children and grandchildren are graphic artists, animators, voice actors, co-writers and consultants.

Season 1 highlighted episodes on mental health, colorism, bullying, self-acceptance, diversity, blended families, and other topics. Season 2 made its debut this year featuring topics on the dangers of Pornography, the importance of Black History 365, and preventive material on the growing problem of self-harm and unhealthy relationships among middle-schoolers and teens. Tune in!  


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