Thanksgiving — How a Colorado Band Finds America's First Thanksgiving Vital in 2020

DENVER, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — While 1621 may have been a very tough year for the Pilgrims, it was their faith — and the local Native American Indians like Squanto — that allowed them to survive.  2020 has likewise been a very tough year for Americans, and an award-winning Colorado band, Conversion, has just released a YouTube music video that honors both God and Native American Indians in a very unique way, with their new YouTube video, You Gotta Have Heart (Smooth).

As a new “Psong” from this Western, Christian rockabilly studio band — in a land where Cowboys and Indians are still a big thing –Conversion understands the coronavirus/social unrest difficulties of this past year and how America today — like the early Pilgrims — must get through the suffering and keep the faith.  America’s Native Americans — like those of the early Patuxet tribe — with their distinctive music and images — also remind us that America survives only through the same friendship and cooperation that was demonstrated at America’s first Thanksgiving.

“When we initially put this Psong together,” says Frank Harritt, founder and rhythm guitarist for Conversion, “we weren’t really thinking about Thanksgiving, but when we finished, it seemed like a natural fit, thinking about both faith in God and the necessary friendship and cooperation.” Conversion was named the Vox Pop/Fans Choice Winner in the 18th Annual Independent Music Awards, Bluegrass Song Category, in April, 2020 ( for their original bluegrass instrumental, An American Easter (The Joy of Mary M).  Not only that, but their Christmas twin-spin from December, 2019, Christmastime In Caroline, reached #3 in American Holiday Music as measured by New Music Weekly.

Conversion has produced two different versions of You Gotta Have Heart in a classic twin-spin that is viewable on YouTube:

You Gotta Have Heart (Smooth): 
You Gotta Have Heart (Rough):

Music can be found at all major digital houses: iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.

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