TERAVARNA Is the Art Gallery Every Artist Has Been Looking For

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Based out of Los Angeles, California, TERAVARNA ART GALLERY has been the undisputed leader in supporting artists worldwide to help pursue their passion for art. Striving to continuously promote its growing portfolio of solo artists and art competition winners, it has captivated viewers by giving them an opportunity to showcase and sell their work through a global platform.

Since its inception, TERAVARNA has organized monthly exhibitions to guarantee that its finest artists get the recognition they deserve. Indeed, when participating artists fancy TERAVARNA to be a grander version of a personal gallery space in the SoHo district of New York or Champs-Élysées of Paris, one immediately understands why critics rave about it to be “one of the finest cutting-edge galleries in today’s rapidly evolving Art World.”

“We are constantly on the lookout to discover the best artists across the globe,” said Founder and CEO, Dr. Niladri Sarker. “We organize juried art competitions on familiar themes to ensure artists from every niche get an opportunity. We encourage visual artists from all walks of life and with varying levels of expertise to send in their submissions. While there can only be a handful of winners, the global exposure we give to the artists remains unparalleled,” Sarker added.

Celebrated for its impeccable recognition of ground-breaking talent, TERAVARNA further elevates the reach of its solo artists by facilitating sales on Artsy, the world’s largest online fine arts marketplace, where its artists have caught the eye of some of the most prominent collectors and investors. In this way, through representation of meticulously selected and curated collections, the gallery offers only the most coveted and sought-after museum-quality artwork in the primary market.

Even when the pandemic forced galleries across the world to shut down, TERAVARNA continued helping its artists virtually. So far, it has awarded $142,100 in cash prizes through its bi-monthly competitions and quarterly artist grants. A whopping 4,756 artists have won some form of cash or financial grant to boost their careers, with no restrictions on the use of that money. Social media boosting for deserving artists is an added layer of promotional support in establishing their professional careers. Interested artists can familiarize themselves with tips and techniques to show and sell their works in today’s competitive art market through TERAVARNA’s award-winning website, social media handles, blogs, and event newsletters. As a result, what started as an online initiative has now expanded its horizons through participation at major art shows and fairs across the United States and the world.

In another bold move, it decided to rebrand itself earlier this year to TERAVARNA, after realizing that its birth name, ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, or ARTsiG, was way too generic. That new name, concocted from two languages – one archaic and classic, and the other modern and techie – incorporated its beliefs and values into its identity by bringing a sense of wonderment and uniqueness. Taken plainly, the made-up word TERAVARNA signified the concept of “a trillion colors.”

Staying true to its vision, TERAVARNA was instrumental in founding ArtBIAS, or Budapest International Art Show, and in June 2023, the 1st ArtBIAS included works of seventy-seven artists from thirty-one countries around the world in the first premier international art and cultural event of its kind in the heart of Europe.

Making a splash by showcasing renowned artists’ works in the highly acclaimed LA Art Show earlier this year, TERAVARNA had similarly made heads turn in New York and Los Angeles at the popular Superfine Art Fairs, something they’ll be sure to do again at their upcoming San Francisco show on November 16-19. Its presence at the LA Art Show will also be eagerly anticipated in February 2024, as it honors the masterful brilliance of some of the notable artists of our times.

Over the years, TERAVARNA has become such a prominent fixture in the artist community that its name is now synonymous with the rapidly evolving world art scene. Today, whether you’re an emerging artist or an established one, you simply cannot go wrong by choosing to be represented by one of the leading contemporary art galleries of our time.

Media Contact:
Dr. Niladri Sarker
+1 (602) 509-5809