Tello Films to Join Forces with DIVABoxOffice.TV to Create Largest and Longest Running LGBTQ+ Women’s Streaming Platform

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Christin Baker, Co-Founder and President of Tello Films, today announced the merger of US-based and UK-based DIVABoxOffice.TV, creating the largest streaming platform focused on LGBTQ+ women and queer communities. Starting on June 1st, the combined library of content from both companies will be available for viewing on and DIVABoxOffice.TV, increasing access to queer content for viewers from across the globe.

With the merger of Tello Films and DIVABoxOffice.TV, Danielle Jablonski and Ashley Arnold will be stepping away from Tello Films after 5 years of successfully growing the company into a leading source of queer women’s entertainment, including the launch of Tello Films as an online streaming platform and moving the company into feature film production, producing the Tello Film originals “Season of Love,” “I Hate New Year’s,” and “Christmas at the Ranch.”

Baker says: “Danielle and Ashley were instrumental in the growth of into the platform and production company it is today. Danielle’s technical and design skills helped rebrand and reinvigorate Tello Films while Ashley’s passion for creating LGBTQ+ holiday romantic comedies was the driving force behind Tello Films’ first feature film, “Season of Love,” and our ongoing production of Romantic Comedies for the LGBTQ+ community. I am grateful for their passion and dedication to LGBTQ+ representation and content creation.”

Launched in February 2009, is one of the oldest streaming platforms with the largest library of original Lesbian/Queer content. The platform highlights short films, web series, and feature films by filmmakers from around the world as well as productions created specifically for Tello Films. The company made history as the first lesbian or queer platform to have a national Emmy Nomination and to have released the first LGBTQ Holiday RomCom Feature, “Season of Love”. For more information, please visit 

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