Tao Foundry Community Launches IP-Verified NFT Art on OpenSea

HONG KONG, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tao Foundry is a community helping NFT (non-fungible token) fans connect with IP-Verified blockchain art and music. Founded in April of 2021, Tao Foundry offers NFT art fans the chance to own single-copy art across multiple blockchains. Tao Foundry’s genesis art “New Gods are Coming” by Nike and rap music album collaborator Zhao Zijian is now available on opensea.io and met the reserve price within 48 hours (more details at https://taofoundry.com).

Tao Foundry’s mission is to offer verified art, with signed NFT-exclusivity contracts for each piece. Tao Foundry contracts ensure community members won’t find other artist-verified versions of the NFT available from other brands. For every digital artwork or media produced, the company publishes a bi-monthly list of the tokens addresses to the decentralized storage network Arweave. Publishing provenance online allows anyone to check which NFTs are the official versions and protects the future value of the work.

Tao Foundry believes IP-Verified art and music will grow in popularity as traditional industries continue to embrace NFT Marketplaces. One example of renewed interest in NFTs is that in March of 2021, OpenSea closed a 23 million USD investment round from Silicon Valley venture capitalists, including Andreesen Horowitz. Y-Combinator, and Tim Ferriss, the author of the “Four Hour Work Week.” According to Tao Foundry’s community head Christopher Manzano, “NFT art markets generate similar vibes as that of Bitcoin in 2013, where early adopters laid the foundation for future growth, and we’re hoping to do the same by connecting early adopters with curated NFT artwork from our artist community.”

The first IP-Verified Tao Foundry NFT available for sale is “New Gods are Coming” by Zhao Zijian. Zhao said his work is “an exploration of the original power of belief through cryptocurrency and that he is proud to have an opportunity to share a different perspective on his subject through his Tao Foundry debut.”

To learn more about Tao Foundry, purchase Zhao’s artwork, or connect with our community, follow us on Twitter @TaoFoundryNFT.

About the Artist:

Zhao Zijian collaborated as an artist for the Modernsky Entertainment Co., LTD record label. His art was featured prominently in the release “Infinite Cosmos II”. Zhao also maintains a Behance account at (https://www.behance.net/zhaozijian).

About Tao Foundry:

Tao Foundry is a community for NFT fans with exclusive IP-Verified art and music releases available weekly. If you would like more information about Tao Foundry and the NFT Community, please visit https://taofoundry.com or email

Contact: Christopher Manzano – Tao Foundry    
Phone: (+1) 626.498.8695

SOURCE Tao Foundry