SynProNize and ATV Brings Award-Winning Series “The Ottoman (Kuruluş Osman)” to Pakistan’s GEO TV

DUBAI, UAE, June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nitin Michael and Hasnaa Descuns, co-Founders of SynProNize, Dubai-based content distribution and production company, announced that it licensed ATV’s award-winning historical drama series, The Ottoman to GEO TV in Pakistan.

One of the most ambitious premium Turkish series to-date, and starring internationally renowned actor Burak Ozcivit, the 185+ episode season is now broadcast in over 36 countries. The program was chosen by The Wit at MIPCOM 2019 as one of its "fresh" dramas, and the series reached a 30% share average for its entire first season in Turkey.

Produced by Bozdag Film, The Ottoman (Kuruluş Osman) reveals Osman Gazi’s internal and external struggles to establish and control the mighty Ottoman Empire, encountering enemies, traitors, and romance along his journey.  

Nitin Michael stated: "SynProNize is proud to represent ATV’s award-winning drama series The Ottoman and be a part of the global reach of this fantastic historical program. We found the perfect partner in Pakistan — GEO TV – to give the show its proper attention. SynProNize continues to connect great content to great platforms."

ATV’s Müge Akar, Content Sales Deputy Manager, stated "We are thrilled that our partner SynProNize was able to pair ATV’s The Ottoman with Pakistani viewers. The series is now airing in over 36 countries and is our most popular program to-date. GEO TV is a wonderful platform for The Ottoman, and we are confident that their audiences will enjoy the series as so many others have done around the world."

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