Sweethearts in Austin Are the First to Get Their Very Own Guide to the Best Romantic Spots

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Cupid and his helpers have hit the bullseye in Austin, Texas, with the launch of RomanticSpotsInAustin.com, an online guide to more than 600 area venues that will fuel the sparks of love.

The site offers searchable, unbiased descriptions of a cornucopia of places and activities — from famous landmarks to little-known hideaways, sweeping natural landscapes to rooftop lounges, crazy art and adventures to violins and candlelight.

“Visitors to RomanticSpotsinAustin.com need only be guided by their mood of the moment, whether that means hiking the cliffs at sunset, sharing cocktails at a dark corner table, or touring any of Austin’s outstanding museums,” says Jake Williams, chief executive of RomanticSpots.com. “The only essential ingredient, of course, is that you have the one you love by your side.”

While Austin is the first city to get its own amorous guidebook, the most romantic locales in cities throughout North America and beyond will soon be showcased. 

RomanticSpotsinAustin.com offers dozens of date ideas, from helicopter rides and luxury overnight getaways to free picnic spots, hiking trails, and little-known beaches.

Among the 600-plus listings, RomanticSpotsinAustin.com includes ten area scavenger hunts, 12 places to catch live music, 22 fine dining restaurants, 34 photogenic locations, seven spas, and 71 spaces to wed or renew wedding vows.

Williams says that the anonymous idealist behind RomanticSpots.com has been nurturing love and romance for decades. She is the same woman responsible for launching Chapel Dulcinea — the world’s first free wedding chapel — in 2005. Situated cliffside on the edge of an ancient walking trail overlooking the Texas Hill Country, the chapel hosts 1,100 ceremonies annually.

Listings on RomanticSpotsinAustin.com are free and selected for inclusion solely by the editorial staff of RomanticSpots.com.

RomanticSpotsinAustin does offer those venues that have been chosen the opportunity to upgrade their free listing and showcase their offerings.

To learn more about RomanticSpotsinAustin.com, visit the website or email Williams at
or phone 512-222-7950.

SOURCE Romantic Spots LLC