SurvivorNetTV Announces Major Expansion With New Programming and Distribution

NEW YORK, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — New York-based health media company SurvivorNet is announcing a major expansion of the programming slate and distribution platforms for its linear TV channel, SurvivorNetTV. In addition to major streaming platforms such as AppleTV and Roku, the channel will now be available on the free, ad supported platforms Local Now and GlewedTV. SurvivorNetTV is also announcing the addition of hundreds of hours of films and documentary programming.

SurvivorNetTV is the first-of-its-kind linear, over-the-top streaming network that caters to the growing community of cancer survivors and caregivers. The network is approaching its first anniversary and has been viewed by millions of people. 

“Our original vision with SurvivorNet has always been to bring support and comfort to millions of survivors and caregivers in the form of hope and inspiration,” said Steve Alperin, SurvivorNet CEO. “Over the past year, we’ve seen that vision come to life with SurvivorNetTV. We’re excited to partner with Local Now and GlewedTV to reach new markets and an ever-growing audience of individuals whose lives have been touched by cancer.”

SurvivorNetTV offers premium programming featuring the most compelling people and stories around cancer, from recent scientific breakthroughs to leading medical treatments, COVID-19 guidance and documentaries dealing with everything from music to relationships.

The channel’s programming is currently available at as well as on several streaming providers, including Roku, AppleTV and Amazon. The new distribution deals with Local Now and GlewedTV represent an important step into continuing the channels’ incredible momentum. Both TV platforms are free, ad-supported networks with Local Now reaching over 2.5 million monthly unique users and GlewedTV reaching approximately 5 million.

The announcement follows the continued build out of SurvivorNetTV’s 1,000+ title library of content which includes award-winning features and documentaries.

About SurvivorNet:

SurvivorNet is the country’s leading media company for cancer information, reaching millions of people each month. The company has democratized access to the world’s leading cancer experts, helping millions of Americans make better decisions about their care. SurvivorNet’s resources are built in collaboration with leading cancer centers. The company’s daily news operation is syndicated widely and serves as an important source of information for millions of Americans every month.

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