Stretch Gallery, Spanning Physical and Digital Worlds, Launches in Spatial Metaverse to Spearhead Creative Evolution

PHILADELPHIA and MIAMI, Aug. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stretch Gallery, a multi-disciplinary art collective, has launched in the Spatial Metaverse, where it will break down the walls separating physical and digital art.

Stretch Gallery can be accessed easily from your browser by visiting and clicking "View our MetaGallery." No app or special device is required. The art collective values creative energy and makes moves to take an active part in culture. Stretch Gallery will host bi-monthly art showings, guided tours, special events like interactive NFT experiences, meetups, and artist workshops with guests from all over the world, all from a custom virtual space open to both artists and collectors where distances and borders are non-existent.

Stretch Gallery is finalizing site selection for its physical pop-up gallery planned for Art Basel Miami on Dec. 1-3 and also planning the event’s first metaverse film festival. The organization also hosts a mentorship program that is focused on finding and helping up-and-coming artists acquire the tools and relationships that they will need to succeed.

"There are surely other digital galleries in existence, but we are not only interested in showing NFTs. We highly value the artwork of the physical world, and we’ll use our meta gallery to show high-quality scans of our work that mirrors our brick-and-mortar location," says Stretch Gallery Director and Philadelphia-based visual artist Alexander Kuhn. "This approach goes both ways. The NFT work we represent will take physical form by being shown on the physical walls of our physical space.

"Our aim is to promote symbiosis between the two forms of art."

Stretch Gallery partnered with 3D architect studio VoxBox to design and build the virtual gallery space. The main virtual space is inspired by the mother of modern architecture Zaha Hadid and the parametric style that made her designs globally iconic. It is meant to mimic a physical building that could hold up to 300 people, only there is no maximum capacity to limit viewing. The space is perched high in the clouds, another nod to stretching the limits of our capacity to create, display, and transact art. The virtual gallery space is accompanied by an amphitheater-style movie theater that is inspired by The Museum of the Future in Dubai and will serve as the main screen for the Stretch Gallery’s Art Basel Miami Metaverse Film Festival.

"We want to take the traditional model of high-end art sales, stretch it into a new canvas, and turn it on its head," says Stretch Gallery Founder and Executive Director Peter Groverman. "We are working with artists to help them cultivate their creative energy and connect them to collectors who value that energy. Attention is the currency of modern times and we are curating content to ensure we capture as much of our patrons bandwidth as possible."

Artists interested in exhibiting their work with Stretch Gallery and brands interested in sponsoring Stretch Gallery, its upcoming events, or artists can email or call 267-391-5505.

About Stretch Gallery: When it comes to the art world, there is a big difference between preserving culture and building culture. Stretch Gallery aims to do both by generating symbiosis between physical and digital worlds to empower artists and connect them to collectors. Stretch Gallery is housed digitally in the Spatial Metaverse and physically as a pop-up space in Miami for Art Basel ’22. The virtual space will host intra-artist critiques, meta film festivals, exclusive showings, guided tours, and interactive NFT experiences. The physical gallery in Miami will host bimonthly art shows, artist meetups and workshops, and other events. To view the virtual gallery and learn more about Stretch Gallery, visit

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Peter Groverman

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