Storj Celebrates 10 years, Launches Enhanced Company Brand, Expands Executive Team and Partner Ecosystem

Storj rolls-out their fresh brand identity, deepening market penetration through partners and driving a cloud storage revolution at the NAB Show, Las Vegas April 13-17, 2024 Booth SL8137

LAS VEGAS, April 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, cloud object storage innovator Storj, celebrates 10 years since inception, launching a re-invigorated brand identity led by new Chief Marketing Officer, Trisha Winter, as the company makes major gains in their growing partner ecosystem and customer base.

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Storj is exhibiting and speaking at NAB 2024, produced annually by the National Association of Broadcasters at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. NAB is the premier event for the media and entertainment industry drawing thousands of content professionalsfrom all corners of the broadcast, media and entertainment ecosystem. In 2023, Storj was honored with the NAB Product of the Year award, is a nominee for 2024 NAB Product of the Year award and was recognized with an honorable mention for the 2024 Sustainability Excellence Award.

Storj is hosting numerous partners at their booth, to present demos of the extended value their products deliver together with Storj for media and entertainment leaders. Partners include GBLabs, Valdi, ImagineProducts, LivePeer, AdSignal, CloudSoda, Shadow Magic Studios, Ortana and Amove. Storj is also presenting at NAB jointly with the Digital Sustainability Alliance, which Storj co-founded in 2023.

Storj CEO Ben Golub said, “Storj has grown from a ground-breaking Web3 tech innovation to a proven enterprise solution, giving cloud storage hyperscalers a run for their money. Differentiators that make us fast, secure and highly performant also ensure our product is the greenest cloud object storage on the planet. Our organization is stronger than ever in our 10th year and poised for continued rapid growth, especially with the addition of Trisha Winter to our executive team.”

Storj’s distributed architecture is designed to enable sustainable, rapid scalability worldwide without a need to build or maintain a single data center – since Storj utilizes unused space on existing datacenters and drives on tens of thousands of nodes in over 100 countries. Its design innovation makes it faster, more available at the edge, more performant and more secure than first-gen hyperscalers. And, with the benefit of environmental sustainability by design, Storj is fast becoming a transformative force in industries that rely on large quantities of critical data, from media and entertainment to financial services, healthcare and an extensive range of enterprise business categories.

Storj reduces carbon emissions by up to 90%, relative to competitors, handling TB files and delivering S3-compatible storage often 2-3 x faster at one-tenth the cost and one-tenth the carbon footprint of AWS. Data is encrypted and split across a zero-trust network, protecting it from outages, ransomware, and compromise and eliminating single points of failure.

Starting in April 2024, Storj’s user interface and invoices share data on each customer’s carbon emissions as a result of their use of Storj compared with hyperscalers. Storj offers a whitepaper on this topic of emissions and savings, which dives into their methodology.

Storj CMO Trisha Winter said, “I have worked with a range of leading startup and enterprise technology companies over twenty years, and Storj presents an outstanding opportunity. Storj understands that great technology can be a driver of immense good in the world – from environmental stewardship to diversity, equity and inclusion in tech. The company is committed to delivering a revolutionary technology positioned to transform the cloud industry and help save our planet. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of this team.”

About Storj
Storj is redefining the cloud to support the future of data—sustainably and economically. Storj leverages the vast global supply of underutilized resources to deliver services with better security, durability and performance. Experience up to 90% lower costs and carbon reduction with Storj.

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