Stephen Voyce Releases ‘The Audio Shock Therapist’: A Musical Ode to Resilience and Hope

MONTREAL, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Stephen Voyce, the acclaimed Canadian-Nigerian musician behind the album ‘The Emancipation of Eze,’ has once again mesmerized audiences with his latest musical masterpiece, ‘The Audio Shock Therapist‘ which is available now on all major digital platforms, coinciding with Stephen Voyce’s birthday on June 4th, 2024.

Following a monumental year in 2023, marked by the release of ‘The Emancipation of Eze‘ and its extended cut, being named “Best Canadian Artist of 2023” by Notable Life Awards and being included in numerous official Spotify playlists, Stephen Voyce found himself at a creative crossroads as the new year dawned. Wrestling with the pressure to surpass his own benchmarks, he grappled with doubt and uncertainty, until a moment of clarity sparked a new chapter in his musical journey.

“The Audio Shock Therapist,’ to me, is a reminder of the power of music, of how sometimes all it takes is the right song to bring us back to ourselves,” says Voyce.

From the depths of introspection emerged ‘Radio Vibes,’ the catalyst for ‘The Audio Shock Therapist.’ As he recorded and produced this first song, he felt himself return to form, like he’d been jolted back to life. All those worries faded and gave way to untethered creativity. From that realization, the title of the project was born. Music had shocked him back to his senses, music was his therapy, and so music is ‘The Audio Shock Therapist.’ Featuring collaborations with talented artists from around the world, including, in order of appearance: L.A.U. Verse, Paige Savill, Swift K.I.D., Kaki Singer, Claudia Lenti, Jako, Elisha Grey, LUCKY DINERO, T-David, NESO, Oro Marzo, Jess Abran, Laura Wizman and Kay L.

This 18-track LP showcases Voyce’s evolution as an artist, blending eclectic melodies with poignant lyricism to create an immersive sonic experience. Each track on the album contributes to a larger narrative of self-discovery and resilience. From the infectious energy of ‘Radio Vibes’ to the haunting introspection of ‘Serre-Moi,’ Voyce invites listeners on a deeply personal voyage through sound.

Not content with merely entertaining, Voyce uses his platform to effect positive change. The album’s closing track, ‘Hope,’ serves as a poignant reminder of humanity’s resilience, with all proceeds benefiting UNICEF Canada‘s global charitable initiatives.

Join Stephen Voyce on this transformative musical journey and discover the healing power of ‘The Audio Shock Therapist.’

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About Stephen Voyce:
Stephen Voyce is a multiple-award winning singer, songwriter, producer, actor, filmmaker, science geek with an ever growing following and fanbase, collaborations with artists around the world. With four commercially released albums, countless singles and collaborations, industry recognition, a budding acting career, he now finds himself in a new chapter, a chapter that sees the artist filled with confidence and a readiness to tell a new story.


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