Stanford Student Tiffany Chang Wins Miss Taiwanese American Pageant by Redefining STEM with Spectacular Homemade Robot for Her Talent Show

Breaking the big gender gaps with STEM, the Miss Taiwanese American winner would like to redefine what an engineer looks like and encourage more young women and girls to consider STEM careers

SAN GABRIEL, Calif., Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Miss Taiwanese American pageant crowned its newest winner, Miss Tiffany Chang, who impressed the crowd with an unbelievable show, making a robot that features artificial intelligence — in heels. 

Tiffany Chang, creatively featured the first ever beauty pageant robot in history which indirectly highlights the hope of Taiwan’s Silicon Shield attaching the robot’s identity with Taiwan’s national flag and a "I love Taiwan" LED panel shining in the robot’s heart. Carrying a humorous dialogue with her robot, she invites the robot to perform a catwalk with her on stage and earns the audience’s robust applaud. Tiffany who not only won the crown to the Miss Taiwanese American, also won the Best Talent Award and the Best Popularity Award.

As a third-generation Taiwanese American, Tiffany will attend Stanford University this fall majoring in Management Science and Engineering. Despite her young age, she firmly identifies with her Taiwanese cultural background and female identity. Tiffany Chang, said "I am honored to represent the Taiwanese tradition of my origin, emphasizing that if we don’t have the determination to identify with ourselves, then others will impose it on us." 

Chang has been passionate about science and engineering since she was a child, and hopes that through this occasion, women can also achieve success in STEM. Taiwan, a revered leader in technological innovation and home to the world’s largest chipmaker recognizes parity in tech is essential to economic growth presents a different kind of breakthrough celebrating women in STEM with their winner. 

In an era when women in STEM are still sadly underrepresented, we rarely see examples of female scientists and engineers in popular culture. Innovation requires diversity of talents to bring different perspectives and women are an important force that cannot be neglected in the innovation process. Chang addressed there are specific ways to promote it — starting with bringing in more female representation and role models promoting positive attitudes for young women and girls deciding on the subjects and careers that they find stimulating, Chang offers another public figure in a previously rather academically streamlined role that can inspire a new generation of women.

Chang says "we must continue to spotlight the inspiring women who are making strides in technology and redefining STEM because the more the louder we celebrate, more young girls will hear us, and the more they’ll realize there’s a whole world out there they might just perfect fit into."

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