Spector Records Announces the Release of Mike Pinera’s Anti-War Anthem ‘Fool’s Game’

MIAMI, Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rock and Roll veteran Mike Pinera is releasing his new anti-war single Fool’s Game – September 04, 2023. Pinera first rose to success with his group Blues Image where he wrote “Ride Captain Ride,” before moving on to Iron Butterfly for their album Metamorphosis. In addition, Pinera has extensively toured with Alice Cooper and Led Zeppelin.

This single demonstrates all the refined talents of Pinera’s spanning career over many decades in the music industry. Fool’s Game features the artist’s powerful vocals and his guitar work that’s made him a legend in the rock scene. Fool’s Game’s accompanying music video powerfully visualizes this message, taking footage from conflicts and major political events from across the world. Fool’s Game’s music video shows the reality of global warfare and the toll it takes on innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.

A portion of the single’s profits will be donated to the Ukrainian Relief Effort. The organization is working on the ground in the warzones to provide direct aid to those affected by the conflict with food, money, and medical supplies.

Fool’s Game will be available across all platforms.

To: View the Fool’s Game Music Video go to: www.foolsgamemusic.com

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