Soulstones: A New Era of Friendship Bracelet & Kandi Trading

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — is excited to debut the Soulstone, ushering in a new approach to recreational friendship bracelet and kandi trading. revealed their tech-powered beads, which can be added to bracelets or other accessories, transforming them into powerful tools for storing memories and making connections.

With a simple tap of any smartphone, each Soulstone bead acts as a key to a digital world of shared memories and experiences, through the’s custom-built app. Once tapped, users can add notes or media to their bracelet, trade them, and connect with others who are a part of the journey – no matter how far removed from the original bracelet trade. This creates a repository of collective memories associated with each Soulstone-enabled accessory.

Garrett Lee, Founder of Soulstones, explains, “ is focused on more than just modernizing accessories. We’re enhancing the magic of shared experiences, in-person connection, and broadening inclusion.”

Designed for Inclusion and Connection

With the rise of Friendship Bracelet trading during Taylor Swift’s 2023 Eras Tour, combined with the continued popularity of EDM music festival Kandi trading, Soulstones were developed to deepen how people use these novelties to connect. With the simple addition of a bead, traders can effortlessly share contact information, associate digital memories with physical accessories, and become part of each bracelet’s multi-person, multi-location, and multi-event journey.

The high-tech beads are designed to capture significant moments and foster community building. Whether it’s a concert, a festival, or a simple gathering with friends, they are intended to be passed along. “Our goal is to create a living chain of memories, linking people across the globe through shared experiences,” says Lee.

Durable and Secure Technology

Soulstones are durable, water-proof, and require no batteries or charging. They utilize a patent-pending combination of specialized NFC technology and proprietary software to offer a smooth and transformative user experience. Each bead is encoded in a secure manner, creating peace of mind and a safe environment for memories. With the utilization of cloud-based storage, each Soulstone can store an unlimited amount of notes, photos, and videos.

While Soulstones enable complete privacy when desired, the technology also allows for sharing journeys more publicly. Travis Mason, Director of Technology states; “The ultimate vision of the Soulstone App is to foster a positive social network for shared memories. We are building for a future where Soulstones are shared with artists, influencers, and other celebrities, meaning we’ll have a surplus of people who will want to follow a specific bead’s journey.”

Lifetime access to the Soulstones app comes free, enabling users to get the most from their physical accessories with the least friction.

Support Soulstones on Kickstarter

Join the community bringing Soulstones to life. Support the Kickstarter campaign, connect with the team, and be part of a community that cherishes inclusion, memories, and friendship.

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About is a small bootstrapped team specializing in NFC technology and software development, using this combination t make people feel more connected and included – one product at a time. is based in Nashville, TN.

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