“Smothered” Co-star Jason Stuart Wins Best Lead Actor – Comedy Honors at Hollywood’s 12th Annual Indie Series Awards

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jason Stuart, Co-Star of the hit dark comedy "Smothered" won the Best Lead Actor-Comedy honors this week at the 12th Annual Indie Series Awards ceremony April 7 at the Colony Theater in Burbank.

Accepting the award, Jason said, "I have had a long winding career with lots of ups and downs. When I was a kid growing up, I never thought that a gay man could win an award from his peers for playing a gay man! All I ever really wanted was to be a character actor." He also thanked his mother for her love & support with the hashtag #I Don’t Live with My Mother, I Live Next Door "My co-star Mitch Hara, and the entire cast and crew, all share in the honor; we have so much fun working together it’s exciting to see the show growing legs."

In its second season, "Smothered" is an edgy, dark comedy about a hateful gay couple who can’t stand each other but can’t afford to get divorced. The "boys" attempt to salvage their hideous relationship in therapy hell. It’s a hysterical, touching, psychotic exploration of love, crashing to bits like cheap china from the Olive Garden. It’s also a celebration of diversity, Little People, Transsexuals, Asians, Blacks, Whites, Jews, Closet Cases & a fluid dog. The show streams on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and at www.smotheredtv.com.

About Jason Stuart

After years of steady work in film and television, with over 150 credits on his IMDB page, actor and comedian Jason Stuart has achieved a pinnacle of success many actors only dream of. "For the last few years, people have started to approach me and say, ‘You’re that guy,’" he explains with his characteristic gravelly laugh. Indeed, with guest-starring and supporting credits in everything from Billy Bob Thornton show "Goliath" to Judd Apatow’s "Love" to "My Wife and Kids" to "Tangerine" and "The Birth of a Nation," Stuart has now established himself as one of those all-too-familiar faces who might just pop up anywhere, in any kind of role.

About Smothered

Film Festivals "Smothered" has appeared in: Cinema Diverse, Hip Hop Film Festival, Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, ARFF Barcelona International Film Festival, Queen Palm International Film Festival, Queer X from REVRY. Also both Jason Stuart & Mitch Hara were nominated for Best Actor and best digital series for the Queertly Awards and on the list to be nominated for Outstanding Actors & Series for the Emmy Awards. In addition to the Honorable Mention as Best Comedy Series from the ARFF Barcelona Film Festival.

About The Indie Series Awards

(ISA) are the only large-scale international awards exclusively for independent series that are judged by independent agencies. ISA celebrates the best in independently produced entertainment created for the Web, honoring a genre that emphasizes artistic merit and social impact over corporate profits (www.indieseriesawards.com/p/about-indie-series-awards.html)

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