is Planning to Enter Asian Market After the Success on Western Markets

OTTAWA,ON, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SlotoGate is now planning to take over the Asian market with the selection of slot and provider reviews that will appeal primarily to Asian audiences. The company has declared a new course that will aid SlotoGate in extending its exclusive services globally.

About SlotoGate

SlotoGate is a business in the world of casino game reviews that has been around since autumn of 2021. The innovative approach of the company to providing reviews on popular casinos and slots has made an unparalleled contribution to the gaming industry. The company has been mainly focused on delivering top-notch reviews to gamblers in Canada and the Western markets, but recently has announced its collaboration with Asian investors.

SlotoGate’s official site allows the users to keep track of the latest releases in the world of gambling while providing insightful reviews in their online blog to encourage the gamblers to read from SlotoGate Blog. SlotoGate runs social media accounts on popular networks where the customers can check on the latest updates and news from the company. They can visit SlotoGate on Facebook for more information on SlotoGate’s casino reviews.

Future Plans of the Company in the Asian Market

As SlotoGate embarks on enlisting the collaboration of the Asian investors, the website of the company will feature casino reviews that are most in-demand among the Asian users. The company is planning to add new titles to the already existing catalog of games to ensure the players from Asia stay satisfied with the selection of online slots. In addition, the language panel at SlotoGate will soon feature Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese languages.

The Thai version of the site will be launched in the near future. The CEO of Slotogate, Simon Coulson, has recently announced his profound appreciation for the company’s reformative policies and expressed his hopes for the future of the company in the Asian market: "By forming close ties with our foreign investors, we plan on building a cross-border platform that will allow the Asian players to receive the latest updates and casino reviews in the Asian sector. This is a truly historic moment for us all."

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"Asian Market Entry: SlotoGate Is Announcing A Beneficial International Collaboration", SlotoGate

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