Singing The Blues About Vaccine Mask Mandates is the New Normal for Dr. Sam and the Bed Pandemic Blues Band

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  Just when everyone thought it was safe to rip off their masks and take a breath of fresh air, the CDC released guidelines that new Covid virus variants will likely require even vaccinated folks to mask up again "just to be safe." Widespread confusion about health and virus protocols was just the inspiration Dr. Sam Bierstock needed to form the Bedpandemic Blues Band with their first parody single, Might as Well Face Mask – We’re Addicted to Gloves. Well known for a string of medical and political parody hits over the past two decades with his nationally recognized Managed Care Blues Band, Dr. Sam, a retired physician, took his latest musical satire a step further by lovingly creating the band’s instruments out of hospital bed pans.

"Some people are shocked that the bed pan guitars make great music," said Dr. Sam. "Of course, it’s meant to be funny, but it’s also a perfect symbol for the muddled, often contradictory virus updates released by political leaders and authorities during the pandemic. No matter where people stand on the issues, most people agree they are confused about wearing face masks."

The Bedpandemic Blues Band’s latest video release Might As Well Facemask – We’re Addicted to Gloves is now available on YouTube at and on Dr. Sam’s website Dr. Sam & The Managed Care Blues Band The parody of the famous Robert Palmer hit Might as Well Face It, You’re Addicted to Love released in 1985, addresses everything from the perplexing source of the Covid-19 virus to mask mandates as professional band members are shown singing and playing bed pan instruments while wearing gloves and masks. A face mask with a tiny slit allows Dr. Sam to play the harmonica.

While stories abound of people who started businesses or focused on hobbies during long Covid lockdowns, Dr. Sam started collecting bed pans, strings, and other hardware to make the instruments, which have been appraised at more than $100,000. Writing the satirical lyrics for the song was easy for Dr. Sam, who has been performing for 25 years at conventions, community forums, and medical societies with his band or as a guest speaker. With the Managed Care Blues Band, his hits included You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Blue Shield, and You’re One Hip Mama ‘Cause They Won’t Pay for Two. This was followed Dr. Sam & The Frivolous Action Blues Band, which addressed ridiculous legal issues of the day. Amid all the fun and games, one of his biggest successes was a soulful military ballad in tribute to aging veterans, Before You Go. The song has been played at funerals for servicemen worldwide and has garnered more than 25 million downloads at

Currently, Dr. Sam is once again in his sweet spot – addressing the hot topics and issues of the day with the Bedpandemic Blues Band. As a retired physician, he believes he’s in a unique position to provide commentary on the processes, and certainly sympathizes with anyone who has personally experienced Covid-19.

"I understand the enormous complexities that are associated with a poorly understood and rapidly spreading virus," says Dr. Sam. "But that does not diminish the conclusions to be drawn from this experience. If there is a next time, I believe we must demand more consistency in the communication of the latest and most accurate information and keep politics out of the process."

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SOURCE Dr. Sam Bierstock