Simulated Youth Releases a Darkly Alternative Option for EDM Fans with “Money in My Tummy”

DETROIT, Aug. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Money in My Tummy is a dark dance track about greed and wealth obsession around the world. The character in the artwork isn’t meant to represent any particular person or class of people. It’s meant to be generic in a sense, really representing everyone. The blue hair adds more of a futuristic style to match Simulated Youth’s overall visual aesthetic. If viewers look closely, the syringes are filled with liquid money, and this character is forced to consume what is essentially the notion that money is the most important thing on the planet. If someone is not rich, they have no value – this is unfortunately what today’s society seems to enforce on a worldwide scale.

This track was created in SY’s now Detroit-based music studio (he was until recently based in Phoenix). Listeners will hear him on the backing vocals, but the track really shines with Rielle’s lead vocals. She’s an indie singer based out of NYC, and this is the second time they’ve collaborated. SY’s last track, a bit milder Digital Memories was their first collab. Following a similar theme as all of SY’s songs, his goal with Money in My Tummy was to create something unique, danceable, and fun, yet with a darker message to balance things out.

Interested listeners can stream Money in My Tummy now:

Simulated Youth will continue releasing monthly singles throughout 2021, and work towards an album to coincide with live performances kicking off in 2022. Fans of this musical style can follow to hear more unique tracks as SY continues to expand the genre in the months to come.



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