Simulated Youth Releases 3-track, 3-language “Ghost in the Machine” EP

PHOENIX, May 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Simulated Youth’s latest release Ghost in the Machine EP offers dark dance instrumentals, cyberpunk-inspired lyrics, and vocals in English, Dutch, and Russian. The production was a collaboration with Belgian artist Opti Rob (@opti.rob) and Russian artist Оптимизм (@gruppaoptimizm). Interested listeners will find streaming options for Ghost in the Machine EP on all the major listening platforms here: 

The EP contains 3 tracks, each using the same instrumental but with different lyrical meaning and vocal approach. The English track, Ghost in the Machine, features rap-style vocals and is about diminishing freedom of speech and overbearing surveillance around the world. The Dutch version, De Afwachting – De Bevestiging (The Awaiting – The Approval), is about having conflicting personal perspectives while going through life. The Russian version, Страх (Fear), is about being young and getting lost in a huge world.

Excerpt from the multi-syllable rhyming structure in Ghost in the Machine:

“Just don’t start a whole bunch of suspicion with them,
The last thing I need is to be itching who’s wishing me missing,
Trust me they’ll be hitting hidden in my stitches,
Next thing they’ll be flipping the switches to listen,
Ring ring now they’re testing the tap’s connection,
Probably and I’m reckless when cracking my neck and,
Looking over my shoulder to see if it’s coming,
After me it’ll never be over so I’ll always be running,
From the machine.”

The music video for Ghost in the Machine was produced by German visual artist Jerry Louis (@jeremylouis_) and features an artfully crafted cyberpunk-style digital environment along with Simulated Youth’s filmed vocal scenes. It’s available to watch on YouTube now. Interested listeners can read more about this release in several upcoming publications such as Post-Punk, A&R Factory, and QALT Magazine. Simulated Youth is already working on their next release, called “Digital Memories” which is scheduled for June 18 and will feature Salvadoran singer Camoragi (@camoragi) and American singer/rapper Rielle (

About Simulated Youth

Based in Phoenix (AZ – USA), Simulated Youth creates dance music with a dark twist. To drive their song themes, listeners will hear some aggressive breaks, ethereal drops, and creative arrangements. Their goal is always to balance the emotion of the track between bright and dark parts, ultimately providing a fun and original sound as listeners dance away. On a personal note, Simulated Youth is passionate about dog welfare across the world and is committed to ending the dog meat trade.

IG/FB/YouTube: @simulatedyouth

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