Simulated Youth Combines Cyberpunk Rap and Ethereal Singing with the Release of “Digital Memories”

DETROIT, June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Simulated Youth has released a two-track EP called Digital Memories. The title track, with cyberpunk style rap vocals, tells a two-sided story of breaking up in a modern age where one cannot escape their past due to relentless reminders on social media. In a sense, it is about escaping from the ties of technology. With triumphant synths and ethereal singing, the second track, called Happy Ending, is meant to add a more positive outlook after the more intense title track has concluded.

Following a series of international collaborations, Simulated Youth has again accomplished Digital Memories with the aid of two other vocalists. Rielle ( is an American singer who dominates the title track with her rap vocals. Happy Ending features vocals by Salvadoran singer Camoragi (@camoragi), who was also the lead vocalist on Simulated Youth’s earlier track called NBT. Interested listeners will find streaming options for Digital Memories on all the major listening platforms here:

Digital Memories follows Simulated Youth’s previous 3-track, 3-language Ghost in the Machine EP. The title track of that release has earned Simulated Youth a bit of notoriety, after having multiple social media accounts restricted due to the lyrical content of the song, which ironically discusses diminishing freedom of speech and overbearing surveillance around the world. New listeners may find Digital Memories more mainstream-friendly, although it still offers the energy and originality of Simulated Youth’s previous releases. Simulated Youth is already working on their next release, which will be a dance style remix of their first track called Money in My Tummy, scheduled for July 30 release.

About Simulated Youth
Splitting time between Phoenix and Detroit, Simulated Youth creates electronic music with a dark twist. To drive their belligerent yet beautiful sound, listeners will hear some aggressive breaks, ethereal drops, and creative arrangements. Their goal is always to balance the emotion of the track between bright and dark parts, ultimately providing a fun and original sound as listeners dance away. Simulated Youth is also a fan of international collaborations, with tracks featuring vocalists from El Salvador, Belgium, Russia, and the USA. On a personal note, Simulated Youth is passionate about dog welfare around the world and is committed to ending the dog meat trade.

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