Silence Sparks Inspiration: A Poet’s story of Hope and Transformation

NEW YORK, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — “It was as if there was no difference between clouds, building shadows, and asphalt. Everything was one––blanketed in the ashy stillness of silence.” Natalie Nascenzi describes the chilling atmosphere of empty New York City in the first chapter of her poetic novella, The Aftermath of Unrest––her second book of 2020 that she says came together, “entirely by fate.” In this new collection, she narrates a captivating story of poetry, hope, and serendipity, that takes place in New York City before and during the city-wide shutdown.

“Not a single soul in sight on silent city streets.
My silent footsteps seek the people, locked inside for weeks.
Never thought I’d see the day that New York City sleeps.”

New York City itself is front and center throughout the book, allowing readers to experience the city through poems, prose, and paintings all speaking to triumph, terror, and transformation. The reader is guided through the author’s personal experiences as she describes the incredible circumstances that led to the completion of the collection and the collaboration with the book’s artist.

Hope is one of the main themes throughout the story. While describing her new collection, the NYC-based poet smiled and said, “The entire book is about never giving up. It’s about continuing to follow your passion despite what reality or your mentality decides to throw your way and having hope, even when everything feels lost.”

“This collection proves that hope is part and parcel to the human condition, especially in times like these when we wish the chaos would stop. Hope is a message to fiercely cherish and lean on.” –New York City, UP Magazine.

“The eponymous “unrest” refers to our shared pandemic uncertainty as we felt the world unraveling in the eerily quiet and empty streets of a major city.” -Amazon Review (5 stars)

Natalie’s personal mission is to promote hope and inspiration. In her own words, “I want people to know that you can do anything no matter who you are or what you go through. You truly are capable of anything. You just have to be strong enough to not give up on yourself.”

Natalie Nascenzi is a copywriter, poet, and author from Rhode Island. She moved to the city in 2017 to pursue her career in advertising. After a dramatic weight loss transformation of over 85 pounds and a journey through anxiety, depression, and loss of self, Natalie found herself again through words. Since then, she made an impression on New York City’s open mic community and her works have been featured across the world in anthologies and independent publications. From her first book Out of Chaos to now, Natalie has spread her message of hope and transformation; and is excited to continue the journey with readers through The Aftermath of Unrest. You can find her on Instagram: @nncenzi.

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