Senior Care Trailblazer Partners with TikTok Sensation to Revolutionize Holiday Giving with Unprecedented Collaboration

SEWELL, N.J., Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On Tuesday, December 14th Dwayne J. Clark, Founder and CEO of Áegis Living, went to a local Walmart with the mega-influencer known as Jimmy Darts. Jimmy asked a random couple for $2 to buy some milk. Without hesitation, the couple handed Jimmy the money. Over a three-hour period, Dwayne and Jimmy surprised the couple by taking them on a 3-cart shopping spree as a reward for the couple’s random act of kindness. The "stunt" may have been seen before but it didn’t end there.

After helping the couple load the items into their truck, Dwayne surprised the couple a second time by handing them $10,000 in cash for being a hard-working mother and father with five children who inspire others with their kindness.

The video was posted to @JimmyDarts TikTok account the next day and soared to almost 6 million views in 48 hours with almost a million LIKES and more importantly, thousands of comments and reshares. It continues to trend. This video is one of 10 social media "kindness experiments" Aegis Living initiated as part of their annual Empowering People Inspiring Consciousness E.P.I.C. conference that includes their Transform A Life community give back commitment. The goal of this collaboration is to combine the power of corporate giving and social media to transform lives in bigger ways and with longevity.

Why: Aegis Living has woven community give-back into the fabric of their company for more than 18 years with their Transform A Life program. TGC Worldwide recognized the opportunity to have Jimmy’s social media platform amplify Aegis’s annual efforts by creating a human experiment around random acts of kindness and corporate gifting fueled by social media.

As of today, 4 of the 10 videos in the series have been released featuring Aegis Living volunteers and deserving people from across the Pacific Northwest who offered Jimmy a random act of kindness before being unexpectedly rewarded. This is a developing Christmas story.

Dwayne J. Clark and Jimmy Darts are available for interviews.

Dwayne J. Clark is Aegis Living’s Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board. With more than 35 years of senior housing experience, Dwayne is nationally known for redefining the industry – from the innovative, programmatic design of senior living communities to novel approaches to employee engagement and retention.

Jimmy Darts is an American social media personality from Walker, Minnesota with 4.7 million followers on TikTok and growing on Instagram. He posts pranks and random acts of kindness videos.

TGC Worldwide is an international brand management agency that represents unique changemakers across all media industries.


SOURCE Áegis Living