Sendit App is Shaping the New Era of Romance in Augmented Reality

CULVER CITY, Calif., Feb. 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Iconic Hearts, the company behind leading social media apps including Sendit, Noteit, Starmatch and Locksmith, today announced that its popular Sendit app has already seen 500 Million impressions on its augmented reality experiences helping Gen Alpha find their Valentines.

Using augmented reality, Sendit users can play “Choose your Valentine,” “Love Island” and “Valentine Applications” to enter an immersive world with their potential match. Whether they get placed together on Love Island, or receive a virtual rose, these interactive filters continue to be Gen Alpha’s go-to method for getting to know their friends while keeping things light and fun.

What makes Sendit’s AR experiences different from those we’re used to seeing on Instagram or TikTok, is that for the first time your friends can join you in the virtual world, creating a dynamic and exciting social experience at your fingertips.

Sendit is creating the first AR experiences that are truly interactive and social, and we’re doing it at scale”, says Hunter Rice, CEO and Founder of Iconic Hearts. “Sendit has taken the leap from static face morphing to fully dynamic and personalized experiences, making the focal point more about friends and less about the tech.”

In its 6th year of business, Sendit’s sustained popularity is not only a result of its popular AR icebreakers, but also an immense embrace from Generation Alpha as a home for social connection. After a record 3 billion impressions on its winter holiday filters, Sendit has far surpassed high-performing AR lens campaigns run by major corporations and is continuing to prove the rapidly increasing advertising potential of AR.

As Gen Alpha navigates the modern landscape of love and friendship, AR experiences open up new playful avenues for self-expression to help this young generation build meaningful relationships. Sendit is at the forefront of this effort, fusing AR technology with social networking to provide its users with fun, simple and interactive ways to engage with their social circles and find a Valentine this year.

Sendit allows users to post prompts and receive questions from their community of friends. Currently the app has over 1.4M reviews on the App Store with a 4.8 rating and over 5M downloads on Google Play, making it the top Gen Alpha social networking app available.


Iconic Hearts, based in Culver City, CA is a technology company that is home to popular apps including Sendit, Noteit, Starmatch and Locksmith. The company’s mission is to revolutionize the social networking landscape by harnessing the power of cutting edge technology and creativity. More information at: Iconic Hearts Inc.

Anna Thornton

SOURCE Iconic Hearts