Scooter P Entertainment Launches its Entertainment Company and is Elated to Announce a Production and Distribution Partnership With VYRE Network

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VYRE Network, , has entered into a production and distribution deal with Scooter P Entertainment. VYRE’s forward thinking is demonstrated through its focus on visually driven content that includes Millennials, Generation X, Y, and Z and a BIPOC focused body of work.

The partnership with Scooter P Entertainment will provide a voice to content creators of all backgrounds.

"We are very excited for this partnership and to see what we can put together. It is a goal of our company to provide movie distribution for all different backgrounds." Angie Ramos – VP of Programming

Scooter P Entertainment will lend a voice to content creators of Latin’ and African descent. Other cultures will be represented through tv and film projects as well. Highlighting a human experience in America and internationally will drive streaming content through this collaboration.

Scooter P Entertainment led by founder, Francis Perdue has a combined experience of over thirteen years in entertainment, public relations, and philanthropy. Ms. Perdue recently founded two pipeline programs for The Latino Film Network founded by Maylen Calienes,  and Black Film Space of NYC co-founded by Lande Yoosef and Reggie Williams, Both organizations are the first to receive a program retrofitted to give back to the community at large through Scooter P Entertainment and empowering content creators of color to receive a fair shot at distribution and production for their projects.

With production experience, product placement and pitching of tv series and projects for clients since 2009, Ms. Perdue has created a network of connections and a recent body of work that includes, Changes written by Francis’ long-time management client, Charnele Brown and directed by Andre Pitre, Ayanna Shon’s Christmas Hypnosis created by Ayanna Shon, Bordersville created by Keyatta Crews, Hollywood Houseboys created by and produced by Ryan Hope and South The Border created by Terry Haynes and Julian D. Jackson.

Honoring ancestors that came before her, Francis has named the company after nicknames her parents gave her as a child. Scooter comes from her father Dr. Franklin R. Perdue PhD, still living in Birmingham who gave her the nickname in Compton, California due to her taking the neighbor’s son’s scooter without permission. P stands for, Pasapoo in which her late mother, Carolyn Jean Walton Perdue nicknamed her due to her Cherokee roots and her country twist on the word papoose.

Paying homage by giving experiences to underserved filmmakers, content creators, directors and producers is the aim for the company.

Stephanie L. Hammonds Esq. serves as legal advisor to Scooter P Entertainment.

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About Scooter P Entertainment
Scooter P Entertainment is a Black Woman Owned and BIPOC distribution and content development company. Founded in Birmingham, Alabama the company is led by Francis Perdue. Created to provide a wider and more humane view of people of color in television and film, we keep the filmmaker in the ownership position as they seek distribution for their content.

VYRE Network
Vyre Network is home to a global digital distribution multi-platform service that licenses, live streams and produces a vast catalog of exclusive content for streaming entertainment.

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