Scaeva Technologies Democratizes Music Production

GILROY, Calif., Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Scaeva Technologies Inc., inventor of a ground-breaking new approach to spatial audio rendering, enables artists to work from anywhere, on their own terms.

As one of the earliest users of Scaeva’s spatial reproduction technology, Producer and multi-platinum artist Andrew Bojanic (All Good Things, Wizardz of Oz) quickly recognized the platform’s potential to free independent artists to produce from anywhere. Scaeva democratized the business of music production by creating robust virtual tools for artists to professionally mix and master music without being tethered to the studio.

Although Bojanic owns a well-equipped professional recording studio, he is often surrounded by distractions – kids, travel, touring. "Being able to grab my laptop and headphones and get to work no matter where I am is huge. I even found myself checking tracks on the beach in Hawaii." Bojanic continues, "[Scaeva’s] platform is a paradigm shift for professionals and for millions of up-and-coming artists that can’t feasibly create without renting a pro studio or spending thousands of dollars on gear. I wish I’d had this years ago" Bojanic’s band All Good Things embarks on a 46 city tour later this month (Tour – All Good Things).

Scaeva Co-Founder and CEO, Steve Curd, indicates there are several new innovation announcements coming over the next several months.

About Andrew Bojanic:
Bojanic, along with wife Liz Hooper, have over three decades of experience in writing, recording, producing and mixing creating numerous gold and platinum tracks. After contributing their talents to Disney, and artists such as Britney Spears, Liz Phair, Olivia Newton John, Vanessa Hudgins, plus hundreds of independent up-and-coming artists, Andrew and Liz formed the rock band All Good Things in 2013 to critical acclaim. "For The Glory," one of the earliest tracks to pilot Scaeva technology, just broke #2 on Billboard’s Rock Chart. You can track their tour dates online at

About Scaeva Technologies:
Leveraging advanced technologies, Scaeva’s mission is to remove barriers to content creation, distribution and monetization. Based in Silicon Valley, Scaeva sits at the nexus of technology and entertainment. With a motley group of engineers, scientists, and artists, Scaeva develops powerful technologies at the core of professional audio tools. Their latest invention, InSitu Sound™, combines their proprietary Quadvolution™ spatial audio engine with precisely-tuned hardware, enabling artists to mix like they are still in the studio from anywhere.

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