Satellite Image Could Reveal Newest Clue In Earhart Mystery

Setting Sight Once Again Towards Taraia!

CHOWCHILLA, Calif., June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mike Ashmore of spied this latest anomaly while searching (SpyMeSat) images of Nikumaroro Island earlier this year. Revealing yet another possible clue in this still unsolved mystery that began decades ago just after Amelia Earhart’s radio fell silent. This new panel like target may be linked to the same general location as the aircraft wreckage sighting (anecdotal) by Nikumaroro residents at the Taraia area lagoon. Unveiling a semi reflective surface accompanied by dark triangular shapes seemingly in a pattern and standing out from the surrounding vegetation. A secondary object is visible just adjacent to it, showing two intersecting lines with a circular center. Though very intriguing, at this time no determination of what it is can be made without further study.

Also sharing this general location is the information contained within our press release dated 9/10/21 (Earhart’s Crash Site and Debris Field Conceivably Found in a 1938 Photograph). Possibly showing remains of an impact scar at the Taraia lagoon beach that continued approximately 20-40 yards into the vegetation. Suggesting Amelia’s angle of approach during ditching and ultimately leads its way to a debris field of wreckage within photo. The debris seen as shapes piled up in a heap and semi camouflaged under a canopy of vegetation. Showing either a missing or caved in nose door and the appearance of more buckled metal forward of the cockpit. Having most likely careened into the trees to an abrupt stop just out of view of lagoon beach. Sustaining ample damage to the airframe, rendering the Electra useless. We also speculate more clues will be found hidden under the sand/vegetation at this location and others like the Taraia spit. As we have a strong belief the Taraia Object is a portion of Earhart’s plane, our research goes on.

As new clues are revealed along the way, we adapt and move ever forward in our search for answers. Please visit for site updates as we strive to solve this mystery one clue at a time. So be your own judge and draw your own conclusions. Remembering nothing is fact until proven!

R.I.P. Amelia & Fred, we’re still looking.

"The clues are out there, we just need to see them" 

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