Samson Technologies LLC’s New “Can’t Post It” App Prevents Anyone from Posting Videos of You

Protects Your Privacy From Scandals And Rumors

LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s a modern day problem as you go on with your day or night and then suddenly someone pulls out their cell phone to take a video of your loved ones or you without your permission in a public area or public sidewalk.

Now there is a new privacy app dedicated to protecting users from unwanted recordings in public. Today, the tech startup Samson Technologies LLC has unveiled version 1 of their brand-new mobile application, "Can’t Post It." "Can’t Post It" is a tool that aims to empower users dealing with the ongoing problem of loss of personal privacy in the public domain.

When activated, the "Can’t Post It" app utilizes the device’s speakers to play music that is exclusively licensed to Samson Technologies. Additionally, the app utilizes the device’s flashlight to emit a strobe effect in order to interfere with any video recordings that may be taking place.

The founder of Samson Technologies LLCDylan Sterman, started the company after he found himself displeased with the share-everything culture that has taken over daily life, and he wanted to offer a solution. "We’ve all seen videos where a cell phone gets pointed at someone and I wanted to give people a legal and nonviolent recourse to this." 

The exclusive song utilized by the "Can’t Post It" app is an original piece called "Death Of A Post." It’s a moving piece that is not unlike the crescendo of a score that one would hear featured in a dramatic movie. Samson Technologies have set the licensing fee for the use of "Death Of A Post" at 1 million USD in order to deter any misuse. "We have placed a lock on the digital fingerprint of our song, which means if our song is heard in a video, it will be blocked and possibly receive a copyright strike against the page that posted it. Then in the unlikely scenario that someone actually pays the licensing fee," Sterman continues, "the money would go to whoever was recorded."

Samson Technologies has set a blanket ban on any use of their exclusive song, "Death Of A Post." This means that any footage captured that features the track, or even just a part of the track, would need to be heavily edited or taken down completely. The "Can’t Post It" app is now available to download via Apple or Google Play for 99 cents. The exclusive track, "Death Of a Post," can also be purchased from iTunes and Amazon music.

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