SAG-AFTRA Extends Mandates Again, Prompting Part 8 Production of the Video Series “Discriminated Sag-Aftra Members”

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The SAG-AFTRA drama continues as the union ONCE AGAIN extends its mandates further allowing the alleged discrimination, segregation and for many, no income to its own members.

Actor Carlos Guerrero releases his latest video:
"Discriminated Sag-Aftra Members" Part 8 – "Message From Miami"

Guerrero, a Miami based actor, produced Part 8 of his video series after Sag-Aftra again extended the "Return to Work Agreement" through July 15th which includes the Vaccine Booster Mandates implemented on said agreement. Guerrero flew from the East to West Coast to be among the many speakers at the Performers Protest on April 28th, at SAG-AFTRA headquarters in Los Angeles, where Guerrero delivered messages to the union. "Why the hell are you not allowing us un-vaccinated people to be working, when the vaccinated people are catching it and spreading it on your sets." And to the National Executive Director "Mr. Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, with all due respect, you should stand down and retire". These messages and an email that took Crabtree- Ireland three months to reply, are displayed on the Video. miami.html

Performers Protest DEADLINE Articles: rally-1235011500/

Members showcased on the video series include Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland, Stunt Legend Debbie Evans (Current National Board Member), Pete Antico (Former National Board Member & Presidential Candidate), and many others. The number of Sag-Aftra Members supporting this cause are growing exponentially. "Hollywood A-listers lining-up to go public are already working against these mandates behind the scenes in fear of repercussions," says Guerrero.

"As president, Drescher is in a unique position to do something about this. She has an obligation to all of her members, not just some of them. In many cases members supporting those who do not have the shot are being publicly shamed. We must speak up for each and every member. Being "Stronger Together" cannot just be a lip service slogan." says Chuck Slavin of Boston, a longstanding member of SAG-AFTRA New England.

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At the 28th Screen Actor’s Guild Awards Show in February, President Fran Drescher stated that SAG-AFTRA is proud to fight against all discrimination. Guerrero Insists "Fran allows the Discrimination of the unvaccinated members to go on, remaining silent, despite her opposition to vaccines and government mandates demonstrated on the video series."

SAG-AFTRA countrywide offices remain closed after receiving a ten million dollar PPP ‘loan’. They have Paycheck Protection, and yet members are being denied the chance to earn one.

As soon as Guerrero saw what he recognizes as "blatant discrimination" he began asking questions.

Undeterred, Guerrero also began outreach on social media to connect those who were reluctant to come forward and speak up for fear of "Black List" retaliation. He wonders if that same fear is what is keeping mainstream media from covering this story, most of whom ARE members of SAG-AFTRA.

Guerrero claims that a rapidly growing group he created that was exposing this type of discrimination on sets across the country was "Erased from existence". Social media outlets have routinely shadow banned, eliminated pages, and blocked my telling videos, like this one". Discriminated Sag-Aftra Members PART-4

"I’ve been silenced from getting my message out, and that’s a direct violation of my rights protected by the 1st Amendment," says Guerrero. "And the lawful rights of my fellow SAG- AFTRA members for accommodations for religious and medical exemptions are being ignored and violated."

"My parents fled a communist country. I will not be Quiet or Silenced."

"Union Executives enjoy obscene salaries, healthcare coverage provided for themselves and their families, while we are expected to pay dues with little or no income!"

These issues are among the many highlighted in Guerrero’s Part 8 of the short video series. "Discriminated Sag-Aftra Members".
"Discriminated Sag-Aftra Members" Part 8 – "Message From Miami"

Guerrero believes 160,000 SAG-AFTRA members deserve transparency from the union they fund and answers to the questions raised on the video series:

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