Sacred NFT Public Sale Begins Today

GLENOLDEN, Pa., June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Following a successful presale run, the Sacred team will open minting of their Sacred NFT avatars to the public today, June 28, 2022, exclusively on the Sacred website, The public sale will be a limited run of 5,555 avatars.

"These avatars have come through the portal of the Summer Solstice with a bright¬†celestial energy, ready to elevate the collective frequency of the blockchain," says artist Lucia Dami. "They’re more than just wonderful pieces of art; they’re conduit for their holder’s spiritual energy. Up to the full moon in July, they’ll charge up with the manifestation of Sacred energy before being revealed. I really can’t wait to see the effect these avatars have on people."

The price to mint each NFT is 0.07 Ethereum (ETH), and it can only be done through the Sacred website. "We’re placing a great deal of emphasis on the security of these NFTs," said MacguyverTech CEO Steve (Mac) McKeon. "We’ve seen far too many NFT thefts and issues with other smart contracts. We’d rather have keep the distribution of these avatars in-house, where we know they’re secure. These are beautiful works of art that have genuine spiritual and monetary value, and we want to make sure every single one of them gets to where they belong."

The public sale is the second step on the Sacred "Soul Map," the NFT’s road map. "We’re working toward creating a Sacred space, both in the Metaverse and in real life," says founder (and bruja) Carolina Coto. "These aren’t just pieces of art; they’ll also serve as someone’s avatar in the Metaverse. Our plan is to create an inclusive safe space where these avatars can interact with other Metaverse communities in an educational way. There’s so much spiritual energy inherent in all of us. We want to enlighten people on how they can maximize it.

Dami designed each of the 5,555 NFTs that will be minted; each is a unique work of art, consisting of multiple elemental layers uniting to create a digital avatar. Each of the minted NFTs also serves as the buyer’s portal into the digital Sacred space, a present, compassionate, and inclusive community with exclusive Sacred experiences.

Sacred is a multidisciplinary team: Carolina Coto is the founder and visionary behind the project; she is a native bruja from the land of Costa Rica. Lucia Dami is the artist and illustrator, drawing our Sacred essence into reality through the Sacred NFTs. They have never met in person, but united through the pandemic to collaborate. MacguyverTech makes the project possible thanks to their hands-on technical abilities and minting process.

To find out more about Sacred and begin your spiritual journey, visit the Sacred website..

For more information about Carolina Coto, visit her Twitter page.

To browse the artwork of Lucia Dami, visit her website.

For more information about MacguyverTech, visit the company website.

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