ROKiT Flix, the World’s First No Cost or Catch, Family-Friendly Mobile Streaming Service Without Ads is Expanding to Computer Devices

ROKiT Flix fans can now experience the platform’s one-of-a-kind entertainment directly at the convenience of their PC or Mac computers through and

LOS ANGELES, July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ROKiT Flix, the world’s first free kid-friendly streaming service without advertisements, announces its expansion to computer devices, with a primary mission to make the platform available and accessible to all available starting today, July 11 at and Recently launched in May 2023, the innovative platform continues to shake up the streaming service industry, expanding its accessibility and allowing even more users to experience engaging kid-friendly content across numerous devices including Apple/IOS, Android and now Mac and PCs.

ROKiT Flix has paved the way for consumers, parents, children and young teens to experience memorable entertainment that is available exclusively on the streaming platform. In addition to accessing ROKiT Flix from their mobile devices, more users will now have access to the ever-expanding platform’s exclusive free, safe and educational content from their computer or laptop devices.

“I’m thrilled that more users will now have the ability to experience all of the innovative kid-friendly offerings of ROKiT Flix,” said Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman and Co-Founder of ROKiT Flix. “The platform’s content offerings are only continuing to expand and getting better, and with the newest expansion for Mac and PC users, more children and families can enjoy and appreciate ROKiT Flix’s one-of-a-kind entertainment directly from their computers and laptops.”

Inspired by his passion for creating great stories targeted to a global audience on all continents, Kendrick developed ROKiT Flix to be an accessible way for young storytellers, artists and creative children from multinational, and diverse backgrounds to enjoy their favorite entertainment content all in one place. Contrary to other streaming services, ROKiT Flix is not trying to compete with other major streaming platforms on the market. ROKiT Flix’s approach is clear – to be a creative outlet that makes free, safe and educational content accessible to anyone with a computer or mobile device.

ROKiT Flix, which is a part of the ROKiT conglomerate and family, is the world’s first streaming service eliminating ads and fees with first-of-its-kind content and is the home of one of the largest libraries of public domain comics in the world. For more information, visit ROKiT Flix at and Desktop users can access all of the offerings of ROKiT Flix through and and mobile users can download The ROKiT Flix app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

About ROKiT Flix
Launched in May 2023, ROKiT Flix is the world’s first no-cost family-friendly streaming service free from advertisements. The media streaming platform is paving the way for consumers, parents and children to experience entertainment across various verticals such as 3D animation, classic cartoons, animated shorts, dubbed original content, educational content and public domain motion comics powered by ROKiT Motionise. Driven by a passion for creating great stories targeted to a global audience on all continents, Kendrick created the streaming platform with a mission to provide families, creative children and young storytellers from multinational, and diverse backgrounds with a platform that allows them to enjoy kid-friendly entertainment all in one place. While other streaming platforms are competing with one another, ROKiT Flix’s primary focus is to be a safe haven that is free from both cost and advertisements with fun, safe and educational content accessible to all children with a mobile device, tablet or computer. For more information, please visit or download the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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