Roast Me, The Party Game to Roast Your Friends, Now Available on Amazon

Creators Follow Kickstarter Success with Amazon Launch & New Merch 

NEW YORK, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Roast Me, the party game that facilitates good-hearted roast sessions among friends, is now available on Amazon for the first time. Roast Me comes in a sturdy, mantle-worthy box that features 490 cards, each containing a unique roast or a challenge. The brainchild of three UConn grads who created the game while still in school, Roast Me just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign. As part of the launch on Amazon, Roast Me’s creators edited the game down to 420 of the most popular roasts and 70 favorite challenges.

"We have come a long way from our first version of the game back in college," said Ben Morneault, co-creator of Roast Me. "Our first game started with roasts written on sticky notes and business cards. Over the past few years we’ve done countless play tests, mentoring sessions, and industry events that have influenced the game and our business. The box found on shelves today is the perfect game for roasting friends."

Game cards found in the Roast Me box contain numerous witty and biting questions that encourage laughs and bring group roasting to a new level, including: "Who here’s last date was in court?" "Who here has the most pretentious coffee order?" "Who here would use emojis in a breakup text?"

Roast Me brings interactivity to the next level through its challenge cards. This truth or dare-like component includes challenges, such as: "Send a Venmo® request to your ex that says, ‘For the times I had to spend with you.’" "Let everyone look through your camera roll for 10 seconds." "Explain the worst lie you’ve ever told."

Co-creator Kwame "Ato" Eyiah said: "Roast Me has been battle tested everywhere from the break room to the bar, allowing us to identify and craft memorable punchlines that will leave people laughing so hard they will forget to be offended." 

As a complement to the launch, the team has developed merch to match the Roast Me lifestyle. Hoodies, t-shirts and trucker caps are now available online. Of course, the game is fitting for posts on social, which can be found via @playroastme on Instagram and TikTok.

"Coming up with roasts on the spot that are actually funny is not easy if you’re not a standup comedian," said Chris Mueller, co-creator of Roast Me. "We took the time to write and test the roasts of our generation, and now, everyone can be the guest of honor at their own roast, anytime."

Priced at $29.99, Roast Me is available for purchase on Amazon. The game and associated products can also be found at  Roast Me is a property of Roast Me LLC. The company creates authentic, comedic content, products, and services to entertain, and to help individuals to better understand themselves.

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