Rick Ross & Young Dolph’s “How I’m Looking” Single Enters the Race for the 2024 Grammy’s Best Rap Song

ATLANTA, Oct. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In an unprecedented collaboration, DFD Music is teaming up with rap moguls Rick Ross and Young Dolph for the newest single, “How I’m Looking”. This power-packed partnership is set to amplify the dynamics of the music industry. With Ross’s distinct husky baritone and Dolph’s unique Memphis style, the single encapsulates the essence of contemporary rap, making it a strong contender for the 2024 Grammy’s Best Rap Song. The track, featuring the distinctive rhythmic flow of Ross and Dolph, offers a fresh blend of lyrical prowess and resonating beats that captures the essence of contemporary Hip-Hop.

Collaborating on the record are critically acclaimed artists M Dot Taylor, Mr Foster, and Davis Chris of DFD Music & Final Level Entertainment, whose contributions have added depth and diversity to the track. Their unique styles and musical techniques have further propelled “How I’m Looking” into the spotlight, solidifying its place in the Grammy’s race for Best Rap Song.

Fans and critics alike have praised the single for its innovative sound and dynamic collaboration, reinforcing the artists’ standings in the global music scene. As Rick Ross and Young Dolph continue to push the boundaries of Hip-Hop with their latest single, the world eagerly anticipates what’s next from DFD Music.

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