Revolutionizing the Art World: Oditto Gallery Is One of the World’s First Hybrid Art Gallery

PALM BEACH, Fla., Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Oditto Gallery ( announced its grand opening in Palm Beach, Florida on November 28, 2022. Oditto Galleries primary focus is contemporary art, and we offer diverse pieces of physical and digital (NFT) art. At Oditto Gallery, we build the bridge between dreams, reality, and technology bringing the opportunity for collectors to purchase physical art and digital (NFTs) art. When you collect with Oditto Gallery, not only do you receive a physical piece of art to exhibit, but you also receive the NFT for that physical art.

We promote the ideal that all artists and art collectors should be able to showcase their pieces virtually. All art purchased at the Oditto Gallery comes with certification of authenticity on the blockchain, as well as an NFT to hold on to, share, or sell. Most notably, Oditto Gallery is one of the first recognized galleries to offer NFT monitors, and NFT’s with every piece of physical art. Innovation breeds creativity, and we believe that Oditto exudes creativity in everything we do.

Oditto Gallery boasts some of the finest, hand-selected artists spanning the globe, from Bolivian-born and inspired mixed media artist, David Banegas,(who paints for the Prince of Monaco, to Nina Patel, featured in the Louvre Museum, Asli Osok featured in numerous art exhibits around the world, Dain one of the most influential street artists to emerge from New York, Toni Sanchez, the ben day dot pop artist from Spain, TRAN$PARENT who has a piece of custom artwork—done on quartzite crystal–that is being brought to the moon in January of 2023 as part of a human time capsule, and several other globally known artists that have jaw dropping pieces. We are proud to represent a diverse roster of innovative and one-of-a-kind artists.

With one foot in the door as a Palm Beach interior designer, Celeste immediately knew that her love of fine art merged with her keen eye and attention to detail would provide a wide range of collections. Oditto Gallery is truly a one-of-a-kind art experience offering an array of custom and commissioned options. Check out our sister company, showing Metaverse Galleries and partnering with established artists to build out metaverse galleries, curate, mint, market, promote and sell their NFT’s with strategic SUCCESS.

To view our online gallery, go to to learn more about our artists, and to purchase art. Go to to view upcoming NFT drops, and to register to gain early access on sought after NFTs and special events.

Contact: Celeste Jones
Phone: 561 835-5540, #7