Residency NFT: A One-of-a-Kind NFT Art and Smart Contract Generator

No Coding Required

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IO Stadium, an NFT platform, launchpad and consultancy known for creating and innovating in Web3, just released Residency NFT.

Residency NFT is the fastest way to launch an NFT project from concept to reveal. The platform simplifies the daunting task of creating an algorithmically generated art collection with unique traits, while simultaneously developing and deploying a custom smart contract, without the expensive costs of hiring smart contract developers.

With zero coding, creators can launch their collections using Residency NFT as a one-platform command center for all elements of their NFT collection launch process. The platform enables creators to easily generate art collections with traits, rarity, private and public sale, allowlist management and scheduled reveal.

The platform was developed with an emphasis on user experience, and gives creators an opportunity to explore the possibilities of Web3 without the technological barriers of having to code. The user-interface is intuitive, and mimics familiar creative platforms.

Art already complete? No problem, Residency NFT also allows creators with already finished work to upload and generate a smart contract to fit their needs with just a few clicks.

Creators maintain 100% ownership of their work and smart contract, and are able to set their desired royalty percentage, which they collect on each sale. Creators collect profit from initial and secondary sales and are able to withdraw funds directly from their Residency NFT account.

NFTs are cryptographic tokens that can represent just about anything, from digital art and collectibles to in-game items and even real-world assets like property deeds and tickets. Residency NFT is a tool for all creators and builders – painters, illustrators, photographers, musicians, animators, entrepreneurs and more. While the potential of NFTs is vast, the process of creating them has been largely inaccessible to anyone without a deep technical understanding – until now.

About IO Stadium

IO Stadium is a tech startup implementing solutions powered by Web3 technology, dedicated to creating innovative NFT experiences for passionate fan bases across sports, gaming, music, and entertainment. Previous work includes the launch of one of the most successful gaming NFTs in the space, the PokerGO Genesis Collection. More information can be found at Join the conversation on social media at Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Connect with Residency NFT on Twitter.

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EJ Goldstein