Repay Hurt with Healing: Jonestown 45 Years Later

Author Ed Norwood will be at Barnes and Noble in Huntington Beach on November 19, 2023, doing a book reading and signing of his multi-award-winning book, “Be A Giant Killer: Overcoming Your Everyday Goliaths.

COSTA MESA, Calif., Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This year, on November 18, the 45th anniversary of the Jonestown Tragedy will be commemorated. The massacre of over nine hundred people by Jim Jones, a cult leader in Jonestown, Guyana, sent shock waves across the world. Sadly, twenty-seven of Ed Norwood’s relatives were included in that count.  

On the eve of World Mental Health Month in October, Ed shared how in his book he exposes Jim Jones’ influence and leadership as a “giant” who killed the dreams and potential of his relatives and hundreds more, including Congressman Leo Ryan. Today, there is still a hole in the hearts of many of the remaining families and emotions are as raw as they were almost 45 years ago.

In the book, Ed explains how “Every giant we don’t defeat grows into the next generation. The things left unresolved from our past or childhood (the hurts, shame, fear, anger, rejection, etc.) can be carried into our adult relationships and passed to our children and those we lead.” He uses his family’s loss to illustrate how bad family history, leadership, and shame can be fatal to our dreams and relationships. He exposes the giants—things related to us—that silence the little boy or girl inside us from speaking. Things rooted in not just bad family history, but bad habits.

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Book Reading and Signing
Date: Sunday, November 19, 2023
Place: Barnes & Noble (Bella Terra)
7881 Edinger Ave # 110
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Tel: (714) 897-8781
Time: 1:30 pm
Event: Book reading and signing

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About the Book
With thirteen (13) awards to its name, “Be A Giant Killer: Overcoming Your Everyday Goliaths” is touching people’s hearts everywhere! Drawing from his life experiences, Ed inspires his readers to overcome their biggest giants. Through multiple podcasts, radio interviews, speaker events, and news interviews, Ed has been able to speak into the lives of people about trauma, leadership, shame, and bad family history.

Be A Giant Killer is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and various news outlets. Read the five-star reviews below:

Ed is available for interviews, podcast tours, news segments, and speaker sessions in person, hybrid, or online. Contact Diana Croeser at 714-820-6969 or
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“Love Is Work”

“Hidden Things”

About the Author
Ed Norwood is President of ERN/The National Council of Reimbursement Advocacy. He has been recognized as a unique and distinctive authority in transitional leadership and administrative laws that govern the healthcare delivery process. Ed has done hundreds of media interviews and lectures worldwide, focusing on public policy, healthcare advocacy, leadership development, and the lessons of the Jonestown Tragedy.


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