Renowned Music Artist, Protest Activist Darrell Kelley to Participate In Prayer, Peace and Justice March for Police Shooting Victim, James Lowery

ATLANTA,, Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Acclaimed singer/songwriter, Darrell Kelley who is renowned internationally for ushering in a new era of protest music, will be a featured participant and sponsor of the Prayer, Peace and Justice Community Rally and March, being held for police shooting victim, James Lowery in Titusville, Fl.

The Prayer, Peace and Justice Rally and March for Lowery, will be held on Saturday, February 19, beginning at 1:00pm, at 1520 Craig Ave and conclude at the Isaac Campbell Senior Park, located at 701 South Street, Titusville, Florida.

An independent recording artist and founder of Viral Records, Kelley who is based in Atlanta, GA., is committed to being a loud and resounding voice against the injustice of police brutality. Over the past three years, Kelley has been gaining global acclaim for his unique activism, due to writing and producing social justice songs and participating in protests focused on bringing awareness to some of the recent victims of questionable killings by police and white supremacists, in the African American community.

Kelley has also brought heightened awareness and attention to protests around the country, by including a black hearse and coffin displaying the names of victims of police brutality or racial injustice, in addition to a 40-inch flat screen television with loudspeakers sharing powerful messages.

"My goal is to help stop police brutality and racism through the use of social conscious music that directly addresses the injustices that continue to happen in the Black community," says Kelley, who is also the founder of the UWGEAM Ministry.  "I am very concerned that too many of our supposed national leaders are not as impactful or relevant as they should be and I believe using music to affect positive change, is as effective in today’s society, as it has been historically," he said.

James Lowery, 40, was killed by police in late December 2021, after a reported domestic disturbance was answered by local police, and his family is demanding answers. According to Dwight Seigler, a local social justice and equality community activist helping to coordinate the Titusville march, nearly 1,000 protestors are expected to attend.

"The event is designed for the community to show support for the family by rallying together for real change," said Seigler, who also serves as the spokesperson on behalf of the Lowery family. "There are many of us who have been advocating for change in the leadership of the police department for a long time in this community, and what happened to James Lowery was unfortunately, bound to happen because of how things are so often mishandled in the community thru the police department," he said.

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