Remilia Corporation’s Experimental Bonkler Collection Shatters Records in Inaugural Auction

TOKYO, April 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Remilia Corporation is pleased to announce that the first Bonkler NFT has been sold in a nail-biting auction, exceeding all expectations, for a staggering 60 ETH, or approximately $125,000 at the time of this writing. The first of a collection of 400 Bonklers, this places its projected market cap at $50,000,000.

Bonkler is a Grand New Experimental Financial Adventure from your friends at the genius avant net art collective, Remilia Corporation. This historic sale, unveiled at an in-person launch party at B1Flat Gallery, Tokyo as the conclusion to the 3 days Remilia-Con 2023, surpasses the floor price of any contemporary avant net art project, setting a new standard.

Like the internationally renowned and beloved Milady Maker collection, Bonkler is a synthesis of Milady Sonora Sprite and Charlotte Fang, in union with the Remilia Collective as a whole, a tour de force once again propelling net art into brave new frontiers.

Bonkler is designed to introduce a genuine conceptual art to blockchain understood as a medium of finance. Each element of the design is directed towards creating a complex speculative market which simultaneously elevates the art object into an entity imbued with the weight of monetary appreciation as it synthesizes the innate market elements of fine art into the unpacking of the work itself.

Remilia Corporation has built a formidable reputation for releasing the only NFT projects with significant value in the art world, harnessing outsider net artists’ talents and deliberate visions to create meaningful work with lasting historical context. The success of the Bonkler auction reaffirms this reputation, elevating the NFT project to the realm of fine art and garnering acclaim from collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The Bonkler collection marks a new era in the world of digital art and cryptocurrency, demonstrating the power of exceptional craftsmanship and innovative thinking to create a project with significant citation and exceptional history in the art world. As the Bonkler auctions continue, the art community eagerly anticipates the impact these groundbreaking NFTs will have on the market and the future of crypto-based art.

To learn more about the Bonkler collection and the inspiration behind this pioneering project, Remilia Corporation CEO Charlotte Fang has published an in-depth article, available at the following link:

Media Contact: Michael Dragovic


SOURCE Remilia Corporation