Remilia Corporation Collaborates with Legendary FRUiTS Magazine in Tokyo Art Festival

SHIBUYA CITY, Japan, Jan. 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FRUiTS x REMiLiA is an unprecedented and historical collaboration of fashion, art, and culture. Remilia, the renowned net art collective, and FRUiTS Magazine, the legendary bible of Tokyo street fashion, have joined forces in a creative canvas that’s as inevitable as it is electrifying. Remilia returns to Tokyo to present a collab pop-up with FRUiTS Magazine, presented in DIG SHIBUYA 2024, an art festival organized by Shibuya City, as part of the Proof of X art exhibition featuring a selection of digital artists.

This event features new artwork in collaboration with FRUiT’s Shoichi Aoki, an official FRUiTS x REMiLiA merch line, the FRUiTS MiLADY 3D NFT collection, and the Kagami Academy pixel NFT collection.

FRUiTS x REMiLiA merch:
A limited edition FRUiTS x REMiLiA merch capsule sold on-site at the FRUiTS x REMiLiA pop-up; unsold stock will be made available online (Japan @; Outside Japan @


FRUiTS MiLADY is a capsule collection of 6 Milady figurines styled in outfits based on historical streetstyle photos from the FRUiTS Magazine archives. Produced by Remilia Collective in collaboration with FRUiTS’ Shoichi Aoki for the FRUiTS x REMiLiA pop-up @ DIG SHIBUYA 2024, Tokyo, Japan. The auctions for each run at the same time for 24 hours, and can be extended by 5 minutes at a time once the main auction time is over as long as new bids come in for a figure.

Remilia went through the 1998-2003 FRUiTS magazine archives and picked out outfits to style Milady in, allowing the character to cosplay its ancestors. The trait metadata references actual contemporaneous responses given to Aoki by his subjects, hinting at the music and attitudes that were common to the era.

Kagami Academy:
Kagami Academy is a 33×44 pixel NFT collection featuring the 8 Remilia-kei best friends who form Remilia High’s afterschool Dessert Club: meet Cream, Cocoa, Butter, Rose, Peach, Vanilla, Lavender and Slime.

Kagami’s are formatted to be translatable into physical bead art and bag charms, and test the limits of expressing stylish J-Fashion aesthetics in a highly limited pixel format. The dessert themed color girls are inspired by the playful aesthetic-racial clashes of the gyaru style.

Kagami’s design dates back to shortly after Milady’s launch, August 2021, teased but never released until it was revived and completed as a free tie-in to the FRUiTS MiLADY collection, with the goal of platforming the Auctioncore bid incentive model: every bid on FRUiTS MiLADY provides a claim for 1 $KAGAMI token, and Kagami Academy can only be minted by burning 2 $KAGAMI tokens.

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FRUiTS x REMiLiA Itinerary:
Schedule- Jan 12 (Fri) 2024-Jan 14 (Sun) 2024
Location- 2F, 2-14-8 Dogensaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043
Access- 10 minute walk from the Hachiko exit of JR Shibuya Station.

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