Radio Broadcasts of Early World Series Baseball Games Were Blasted into Space. Did Aliens Tune In?

VENTURA, Calif., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Artist Known as Dacaro Depicts the Possibility With New in NFT Collecting Game. See the news video here:

As the story by Dacaro goes, sometime in the last year, these sports-loving aliens visited Earth but were invisible to humans. During their visits, they attended games for all Major League Baseball teams, got drunk on beer, which made them temporarily visible… or so the eclectic art reveals.

The artist has created sets of original NFT art for each team, 297 in total. The collection will launch in late May on the OpenSea NFT marketplace here:

Collectors can invest in individual pieces for their favorite teams, keep them, trade them, or even resell them. See examples at

Dacaro calls his creation The Drunk Alien Fanatic Sports Fan NFT Collection. Dacaro plans to release art related to the NFL, the NBA, and other sports in the future.

The collection includes one-of-a-kind, signed digital paintings to include:

  • Three Heroes of each team, past or present
  • Outrageous and bizarre Street Art with team colors and logos
  • Drunk Aliens attending baseball games
  • Team art
  • Mascots, as the aliens may have interpreted them
  • Logos and more

Will these become the next hot trading cards? The artist points out, "A Honus Wager baseball card sold for $6 million in August 2021, and a Mickey Mantle for $5.2 million. The Dacaro NFTs follow in their honor, bringing new, unique, and collectible sports art to the blockchain."

Collectors can participate in three nine-inning "games" spread out over several weeks consisting of nine NFTs per inning (drops). The goal is to own all NFTs for your favorite team and compete in the World Series game that will include giveaways. The collector with the most NFTs at the end of the World Series Game with be declared the Dacaro MLB World Champion and be awarded the grand prize—a collage of 12 NFTs for their favorite team 12,000 x 9,000 pixels in size. (Beeple’s collage sold for $69 million dollars)

Media Contact:
Scott Falcon, aka the artist Dacaro