Prominent Podcaster Michelle J. Lamont Premier Women’s Event to Its Feet Ahead of Manifesting Miracles Workshop

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Continuing her impressive ascent into the world of manifestation podcasting and motivational speaking, Michelle J. Lamont received a standing ovation after speaking at a premier women’s event last weekend before focusing on hosting her newest workshop.

Lamont, whose inspirational Manifesting Miracles podcast has attracted more than 24,000 subscribers, was a guest speaker Sunday, August 1 at the prestigious Innovative Income Summit (IIS) in Tampa’s iconic Orlo House & Ballroom. The thriving networking event combines business and spirituality, catering to women committed to connecting, collaborating and creating their own worth.

Usually reserved for her elite-level coaching clients, at IIS Lamont shared her finance-focused "Michelle’s Manifestation Loop" based on the four corners of the infinity symbol and brought the crowd to its feet upon conclusion.

"We were honored to have an empowering and riveting manifestation speaker and expert like Michelle," said IIS co-founder Jessica Hurley. "Her brilliant insight and unique teachings was a perfect fit for our mission."

While expanding her manifestation footprint via speaking engagements, Lamont also continues to build her audience via her award-winning podcast, coaching website and workshops.

On August 16, she will host her "Into The Mystic" four-week course designed to help students discover alignment and vibration in their lives.

Says Lamont, "You’re not supposed to just survive life. You’re supposed to thrive. You’re supposed to have happiness. You’re supposed to have joy. You’re supposed to embrace your experiences within your reality and attract your abundance."

After making an impressive debut in October 2020 among Apple’s Top 100 downloaded shows in its genre, Lamont’s Manifesting Miracles podcast is now ranked in the top 1.5% in her category.

Boosted by her podcast’s momentum, Lamont continues to be an influential and coveted attraction. In 2020 she was a keynote speaker at GlamCon 2020 and the Washington University (St. Louis) "She Leads" conference.

From orphanage to Oprah to omnipresent, influential entrepreneur and manifestation guru Michelle J. Lamont is expanding and amplifying her mindfulness message to help you truly manifest everything you desire and do it quicker than most believe you can. Michelle created her popular podcast – Manifesting Miracles – to help each one of us dig deep and learn to follow through on our intentions. A testament to the power of her positivity, Michelle launched her first business at age 8 despite growing up in an orphanage. Developing a relentless spirit and an unwavering belief that she can pray, dream and speak intentions into realities, she survived a bank account of only $250, a clunker of a car and endless nights rolling frozen Domino’s pizza dough to eventually open dog-centric Foxy Paws and transform it into a million-dollar company with 60 employees. With a unique combination of uncanny news judgment and savvy business sense, Lamont later launched her own public relations company and connected her clients with high-profile partnerships on TV networks such as Bravo, WE, Style, Travel Channel and Aspire. These days she is a successful, full-time podcaster, motivational speaker, life coach, mindfulness expert and manifestation guru. Her podcast debuted in October 2020 as one of the Top 100 downloaded shows in the spiritual/self-help genre and now has more than 24,000 subscribers. Michelle has been featured on numerous TV networks, has MANIFESTED and interviewed Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian & Cindy Crawford, was named DFW Women’s "Influence" award winner, Winner of ‘Top 100 Podcasts on Spirituality’ Award by Kiteflight Magazine 2021.

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