ProFileSports.TV has Moved…to Your TV

Now available on Roku, AppleTV, FireTV and SmartTV

PHOENIX, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ProFileSports.TV announced today a major milestone in its debut on several television channels now available nationally. What was once a simple phone app and website to share sports videos has evolved into a fully formed sports channel now available on Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, and SmartTVs everywhere! As well as locally on BTV, the antenna-based TV /app now available in 48 major cities across the United States.

This is a major move for the Youth and Amateur Adult Sports channel on its mission to help amateur athletes improve at the sports they love, making the game videos they need – more accessible for all – regardless of economic challenges. This marks ProFileSports.TV’s return to their original business model, of providing FREE-to View game videos for athletes and coaches.

“Sports is so important for the healthy development of our children and as a character-building opportunity. I want to make quality game film easily accessible across the country. It has always been my vision to see our channel on regular TV,” says Diana Wilson, founder of ProFileSport.TV. “This is what our audience has been asking for, ever since we started our partnership with ProFile Sports in 2019” added Tom Carle of the Sporting Chance Center in Tucson.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

  • Delivering Reliable, High Quality Game Video for youth sports using A.I. Motion-Tracking Camera technology installed at the Sporting Chance Center in Tucson.
  • Expanding Coverage of sport at the LAB in Chandler in 2021
  • Now returning to what our customer’s want; 100% Sponsor supported, Free-to-view game videos, thanks to our great sponsors, like Dave & Busters, NAPA Day Auto Supply, FOCUS Hospitality and Whataburger.

“We have plans for so much more than providing game videos. With our new platform we can ingest sports videos from anywhere across the country, and even provide sports entertainment, like inspirational sports documentaries and classic sports movies. We aim to create a family-friendly channel dedicated to only sports content. No news, and no politics. ProFileSports.TV will be a wholesome sports sanctuary.

To learn more about getting your games or movies on ProFileSports.TV, click here to see how easy it is to connect your videos to our channels on Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, SmartTV and on our New BTV App , and ProFileSports.TV available on the App Store and on Google Play stores.

ProFileSports.TV provides quality sports content and the equipment needed to create it from anywhere. Indoors or outdoors, permanently installed, or mobile, we have a recording/streaming solution for every sport. Visit or contact
 with inquiries.

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Diana Wilson

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