Pioneering Latina Journalist Reflects on Decades of Telling Stories Across Borders

SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — “Fearless.” “Relentless.” “Courageous.” “Caring.” These are just some of the  qualities that describe the pioneering award-winning journalist Maria Martin, and her coverage of  U.S. Latinos and Latin Americans in the new book, Crossing Borders, Building Bridges: A Journalist’s Heart in Latin America.

From her start as one of the first Latina news directors at the first bilingual public radio station in the U.S., and later as the founder of the national program LATINO USA, Maria Martin has been an innovator and leading creative voice documenting the Latino movement for justice and inclusion. Though many of her efforts were met with resistance in “‘traditional  newsrooms ‘ she always gets the story out.”

In Crossing Borders, Building Bridges: A Journalist’s Heart in Latin America, Martin documents Latino life in the U.S starting in the 1970’s, then travels to Latin America to cover the civil wars in Central America and their aftermath, including the migration story on all sides of the borders through to the present. With her narrative, you’ll follow Martin’s trajectory as she reports on the everyday lives of those about whom she writes—from survivors of torture to politicians to families separated along the border. You’ll understand her dilemma as she becomes teacher and mentor to thousands of journalists in Latin America—including in some of the most dangerous countries for independent reporters (Five of her students have been killed as a result of their reporting).

Former protege Maria Hinojosa has said Martin taught her that journalism is about service and giving. NPR Correspondent Mandalit del Barco writes: “Maria Martin’s remarkable career includes her groundbreaking efforts to change the sound of audio journalism for the better, by promoting Latino and Latin American culture and news, giving voice to so many whose stories have needed to be heard…” Respected communications scholar Armando Valdez calls Martin  “among the finest, most insightful and courageous journalists of her generation.” 

Crossing Borders, Building Bridges: A Journalist’s Heart in Latin America is both an inspirational journey about a life well-lived despite obstacles, and a guide to young journalists and social activists trying to create change—in whatever arena. Take this journey with Maria Martin, and you will learn much about Latinos in the United States and Latin Americans in the American continent.

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