Parks Associates Adds NPS and Churn Data to its Streaming Video Tracker Service

Subscribers to receive added insight into churn data, Net Promoter Scores, and more

DALLAS, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Parks Associates today announced enhancements to its Streaming Video Tracker, which provides the most relevant KPIs (key performance indicators) on 300+ North American OTT services, new entrants, and trends in the video services market. The service now includes Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and churn rates for select services, with data from Parks Associates’ quarterly, proprietary consumer surveys of 8,000 US internet households.

The firm will detail these updates and present its latest data on consumer streaming behavior and churn intentions in the webinar “Streaming Video Tracker: NPS, Churn, and Subscriber Growth,” on Thursday, March 14, at 1 PM CT (2 PM ET/11 AM PT).

Parks Associates research notes that the latest churn rates for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are among the lowest in the industry, while rates for Discovery+ and Apple TV+ are nearly three times as high as Amazon Prime Video. However, the NPS for Discovery+ is the highest of all OTT services, indicating those who don’t churn are very satisfied with the service and are willing to recommend it to friends and family.

“These additions add significant value to our Streaming Video Tracker; consumer churn data and NPS provide our clients with a holistic view of the services we track,” said Eric Sorensen, Director of Streaming Video Tracker at Parks Associates. “By providing insights into subscriber estimates, consumer churn data, satisfaction sentiment, and profiles of more than 300 services, this service delivers the tools and information our clients need to effectively assess the market and their competitors.”

In a brief released with the Streaming Video Tracker’s Q4 update, Parks Associates details the enhancements to the service and its value for content providers, streaming services, investors, and others.

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) – NPS trending data reveals the strengths and weaknesses from a consumer perspective, providing a more nuanced understanding of the services market positions.
  • Churn Data Analysis – Customer retention and churn are new challenges for the industry, and this data reveals historical churn data and provides valuable insight into the intense competition in the market as well as the frequent shifts in consumer preferences.
  • Consumer Survey Insights – Parks Associates’ consumer surveys provide critical information for OTT services in strategizing their content offerings, pricing models, and marketing efforts.

Streaming Video Tracker, delivered through an online portal, helps stakeholders understand the vast landscape of OTT video service providers, with insights on business models, new services, global expansion, and growth of individual services. Monthly market updates provide analysis on the most important announcements in the streaming market and complement the data provided in this portal. Part of the ongoing updates includes strategic insight into how different business models affect NPS and churn rates.  

“We are excited to marry our consumer research with our industry data set for streaming,” said Jennifer Kent, Vice President, Research, Parks Associates. “We appreciate the incredible feedback from our clients to further enhance this valuable business intelligence service.”

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