Pajama Studios Joins Sound Pressure Laboratories in the Launch of TrueSPL™ Real-Time Surround Sound

ANAHEIM, Calif., April 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sound Pressure Laboratories TrueSPL Real-Time Spherical Surround Sound is making its World-Premiere presentation in the short film, Movimenti, at The 2023 NAMM Show on April 13-15, 2023 in Anaheim, California.  Movimenti is composed and mixed by James Gardiner,  award-winning Composer/Producer and 2-time Grammy nominated Engineer.  This film is a musical and visual masterpiece, featuring spectacular NASA visuals and directed by Rian Mac, with arrangements provided by Sound Pressure Labs TrueSPL technology.

Pajama Studios Founders James Gardiner and Paula Telander, 2-time Grammy considered Director/Producer are also celebrating Pajama’s 30th Anniversary in April.  In addition, TrueSPL will present at NAMM its 2023 DVD Blu-Ray release of Transmigration, a proof concept musical film using TrueSPL, mastered by James Gardiner at Pajama Studios, Oakland, California.

Sound Pressure Labs CEO Michael Way and Lead Software Engineer Stephen Haralson are able to provide a seamless integration of TrueSPL™ with one simple output without changing the existing studio setup.  Gardiner was astounded that the setup took only an hour to start creating music.  “I can see how the TrueSPL system can be integrated during the compositional phase to assist as a songwriting tool, and how a composer will use it to expedite an arrangement,” said Gardiner.

Gardiner’s composition Movimenti features a 70-piece orchestra.  “It is an honor to showcase the TrueSPL™ technology through this masterful composition, allowing the listener to experience a spherical symphony from the composer’s perspective,” said Sound Pressure Labs CEO Michael Way

Dolby ATMOS and Apple Music are requiring the industry to transition into 7.1 format for Spotify and Apple downloads, a costly upgrade.  TrueSPL offers a cost-effective solution calling it, “a plug and play hardware/software application, with minimal learning curve, allowing studios to integrate and upgrade with 7.1 mixing and live applications with nominal changes to their existing studio infrastructure,” said Way.  TrueSPL™ will change the trajectory of how music will be composed because now TrueSPL™ can be implemented during the creative process.  TrueSPL™ is the first studio upgrade in the history of recorded music that doesn’t require an extensive build-out, and compliments the future technical requirements of the industry.

Pajama Studios and Gardiner Music Mentoring will be Northern California’s exclusive Studio to use TrueSPL for mastering services.  Pajama Studios is the first studio to commercially beta test TrueSPL

Pajama graced the cover of MIX Magazine in 1993 as ‘The Digital Studio’ and was considered by MIX as one of the “Great Studios of the World” and “Great Studios of the Western United States.”  Pajama has earned 42-Platinum and Gold albums to date.  Gardiner and Telander sees TrueSPL as the only bridge between distinctively creative musicians and the technical applications of Surround Sound to produce new revolutionary advancements in the music and film industry.  “A film is but a daily, until you add the right sound and music,” said Pajama Studios and TeaTime Films Director/Producer Paula Telander.

About Sound Pressure Labs

Sound Pressure Labs (SPL) is an established Music Technology and Production Company. Their innovations expand the potential and perception for the future of music as it pertains to Surround Sound applications in film and music. Through their TrueSPL™ technology, SPL meets the current industry needs of Composers, Musicians, Producers, and Engineers for Live Events, Production, and Post-Production processing and integration demands. SPL continues to grow and serve an ever-changing music technology and entertainment industry.

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